DIY Edible Wedding Favors!

Every guest loves a tasty treat!

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Everyone loves an edible wedding favor. Nothing lights up a guests eyes more than when they see something delicious waiting for them to take home. Anyone who is having a rustic style wedding or looking to give away some comfort food should definitely consider giving away either food or drink for their wedding favor.

Whether it is a bottle of liquor or a basket of mini muffins, guests love things that taste yummy. As spring approaches there is no better time for a little taste of the season to delight your guests! Think your favorite springtime flavors and be sure to share them with your closest friends and family! Here are a just a few edible favor ideas that your guests will love!

Mini-Breakfast: For a traditional take on the whole edible wedding favor idea, try simply giving your guests a mini-breakfast in a basket! Think using some of your favorite muffins and tiny containers of jam to charm your guests with this comfort food favor.

Fruit-Infused Vodka: A delicious gift that your adult guests will go crazy over is a bottle of fruit infused vodka. Simply find a recipe for your favorite fruit flavored vodka and make a large quantity of it. Bottle it up with a recipe for a cocktail for the perfect little treat!

Chocolate Eggs: For those having their wedding around Easter, play up the holiday! Go to your local craft store to find some little wooden nests and fill them up with chocolate eggs! This is a great idea for both your adult and younger guests! This can also be done with a variety of other candies.

Olive Oil: Everyone loves a nice bottle of olive oil, especially if infused with flavors like rosemary or other herbs. This is a very classy favor that every family and food enthusiast will appreciate! You can buy this either remade or infuse the olive oil and bottle it yourself.