Finding the Best Wedding Dress for Your Body Type!

Not sure what dress is going to be most flattering on you? Check out these tips!

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The first thought for many brides after getting engaged focuses on one thing: the wedding dress. This can be either the most exciting part of the wedding planning process or the most daunting. Everyone has an image in their head of what they want for their dress and probably has since they were a little girls. But there are many different factors that go into picking the perfect dress. What most girls want to know is what is the best cut for my body type? Every woman has a different body and the most important thing is for them to feel comfortable in the dress that they are going to be married in. Check out these tips for picking out the best dress for your body type!

Busty: If you have a busty upper half, whether you are petite or more full-bodied, than it is important to not let it are the main focus of your dress. Try balancing with a full skirt to take some of the focus off the top half of the dress and try for a skirt with lots of detail. A Greek goddess like gown with a one shoulder strap will work wonders! Don’t completely cover the chest though; it’ll only make it look larger. Stick to supportive straps with a V-neckline. An A-line dress with a scoop neckline also has a stunning effect.

Curvy: Lot’s of women are very conscious of their hips when wedding dress shopping. The best look is for a dropped waist gown that will slim your curves. An asymmetrical wedding gown will also slim down your torso with an amazing effect. Think very detailed busts that will keep eyes focused on the intricacy. If you’re looking for something a little more vintage, think lace! It’ll help distract from your waists and leaves room for a dress-defining band that will nip your waste into a svelte figure.

Tall: Women who are very tall sometimes have a hard time finding the dress that will be most flattering on them. Think very simple A-line gowns. The most important thing with this dress is simplicity and everything needs to reflect your longer proportions. Too many ruffles or details can look cutesy on a tall person as compared to someone of shorter stature.

Petite: For the petite woman, the most important thing is to make your body look longer. Sheath gowns look great on a petite woman as well as a waistlines above your natural waist which will make your guests focus on the length of the dress making your appear taller! Don’t go for a drop-waist or a voluminous skirt though, your legs will get lost in it!