WALK Radio Reaches Agreement with JVC Broadcasting to Provide Up-to-Date Information during Emergenc


Simulcast of Emergency Feeds Will Reach More of Long Island's Population, Including the Hispanic Community

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WALK 97.5 FM has announced that it has entered into an agreement with JVC Broadcasting Company that will provide emergency information to an even greater segment of Long Island's population by simulcasting the feed of WALK's signal through JVC's four radio stations. These stations include Spanish-language stations "Party 105" WPTY (105.3 FM in Suffolk, 101.5 FM in Nassau), "La Fiesta" WBON (98.5 FM and 96.9 FM), and WJVC (96.1 FM) and classic rock station WRCN (103.9 FM).

Under the agreement, WALK will broadcast from Suffolk County's Emergency Operation Center (EOC) when an emergency occurs and the JVC-owned stations will pick up the feed and broadcast it through their own frequencies. Only WBON's frequency will offer emergency information in Spanish, as one of its Spanish-speaking deejays will translate the latest news for its listeners. The agreement between WALK and JVC Broadcasting will not only provide emergency information to an even greater segment of Long Island's population, but it will also help emergency officials and the stations reach Spanish-speaking audiences on Long Island.

WALK 97.5 FM used its newly installed broadcast facility at the EOC three separate times - December 27, 2010; January 12, 2011; and January 27, 2011 - to provide the latest news on those blizzards that hit Long Island. WALK's ability to broadcast from the EOC is the result of a joint partnership the radio station established with Suffolk County's EOC.

"Suffolk County is pleased to have partnered with WALK FM to provide listeners up to the minute information during emergency situations," said Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy. "Additionally, we want to also remind residents to sign-up for Code-Red alerts on the Suffolk County website which will provide electronic and telephone messages to complement the emergency broadcast partnership between Suffolk County and WALK FM."

The new state-of-the-art satellite audio relay system, located at the EOC's broadcast facility, allows WALK to broadcast important public information in an emergency, should its Patchogue facility become compromised. At a time of emergency, even if WALK's Patchogue facility was able to broadcast, the new system could also be used to facilitate the relay of information from emergency officials by having WALK's news staff broadcast directly from the EOC. Such was the case when Long Island was hit with three blizzards within a month.

"While WALK has a very large audience, we do understand that the ability to reach all radio listeners isn't possible with just WALK," said Jim Condron, Vice President/Marketing Manager, WALK Radio. "By partnering with the fine people at JVC, we will have the abilty to deliver critical information to people who may not be listening to WALK. We take our responsibilty as Long Island's primary Emergency Alert System station very seriously and the partnership with JVC is the natural progression for WALK as a community servant."

"We are excited to enter into this partnership with the JVC Broadcasting," "By having the emergency feed simulcast through their stations, more Long Islanders will have access to the most up-to-date information in the event of an emergency."

"We are proud to partner with WALK on this project," said John Caracciolo, President/Chief Executive Officer, JVC Broadcasting Company. "Local radio is supposed to provide news and information to the community. It seems in the past few years, the radio business has gotten away from that. But now, with this partnership in place, Long Islanders will have a way to stay informed and updated, even in the most extreme situations. When all other sources of information fail, radio will always be there and this partnership ensures that the emergency information will reach all of Long Island."

For more information, visit www.walkradio.com.