Oppo BDP-80 and LG Home theater system - A great combination


This article talks about Oppo BDP-80, a new Blu-ray player in the market. This player has industrial looks and it is different from the sleek and glossy boxes that you'd find in the market

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Oppo recently launched a new Blu-ray player called oppo bdp-80. This device has an industrial looking design as compared to the glossy and sleek boxes that you find in other major brands. Oppo BDP-80 weighs 7.7 pounds and it feels very sturdy. You can connect this device with something like LG home theater system for watching movies or listening to music. The front panel of this player is plastic and it is different from other Oppo players which have brushed metal front panels. In the center, there is the disc tray and directional pad is located on the far right side. The company has also given a USB port on the front for quick access.

Samsung or LG home theater system would look great on the Oppo BDP-80 as it promises high quality output. The layout of the remote of the Blu-ray player is quite similar to the predecessors but there is no backlighting for the keys. However, they do glow in the dark. The layout of the buttons is pretty good, especially the central placement of directional pad and the big buttons. On the flip side, the design could have been more modern and a little more separation too would have been good. Oppo BDP-80 user interface is quite similar to other competition players in the market and there are no streaming media services.

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