Jobs hiring rises Job seekers stopped by housing market because they cannot buy a home

Today it's more likely that a family or individual picks up and moves independently without the assistance of a corporate relocation package.

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Today it's more likely that a family or individual picks up and moves independently without the assistance of a corporate relocation package. They have to shoulder the cost and many of them have been out of work for several homes or a spotty work history due to the economy.
Sixty-nine percent of workers who turned down a relocation package last year did so because of housing and mortgage concerns, Atlas World Group's latest relocation survey found. That's down from 77% in 2009 but well above the 2006 figure of 30%.
John B. "I guess I was naive. I thought between Jan. and May I'd be able to sell my house, but no one could get financing, and I couldn't get financing till it was sold," he says. "It's been very emotionally stressful and I ended up losing the job offer." Although people such as John are moving in greater numbers, mobility is still proving to be an issue. The ability to sell their old home and get into a new one is hampered by people not being able to obtain a traditional financing. As more consumers learn about rent to own and lease to own programs for home buying and how they can help first time home buyers, people will be hindered in moving and finding new employment.

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Especially in the last two years we've noticed a significant reluctance and fear to sell houses," Atlas CEO Glen Dunkerson says. Relocations "will continue on a slow upward movement in 2011," he says, adding that he thinks relocations will remain depressed until the housing market fully recovers in 2013 or beyond.

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Real Home Solution's rent to Own Program
We have customized our Seller Financing so that those buyers that do not qualify for "The New Lending Standards" a way to own thier own home.
The Rent to Own Program provides Tenant-Buyers the opportunity to rent a home with an exclusive option to buy. As you will see this opportunity can be of great benefit and flexibility to you.
Why Rent to Own?
There are many reasons for renting to own as opposed to purchasing out right that may include desire to try out a home and/ or location before completing the purchase, Lock in a Purchase Price, time needed to strengthen your credit profile the ability to obtain financing, uncertainty in future job and/ or location changes, uncertainty in future home needs, size, perhaps due to family growth, etc.
There are many other obvious reasons to rent to own instead of renting which do include the earning of monthly rent consideration credits which are applied toward purchase, the ability to instantly be in the home you are likely to complete the purchase of and the ability to set a goal to purchase the home you will be living in.
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