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Guilty Pleasures to Enjoy on Fat Tuesday

Lent starts on Wednesday, so make the most of Fat Tuesday!

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Lent starts on Wednesday, meaning many Christians around the word will be giving up some of their favorite guilty pleasures for 40 days and 40 nights. While some of the things we give up for lent may be geared towards self-improvement (smoking, alcohol, fatty foods, etc.), we can also look to give up some of the simpler vices we enjoy.
Until Ash Wednesday comes in a few days, we still have time to enjoy these guilty pleasures. Here is a list of some of the most common things people give up for lent, along with some tips on avoiding them before Easter.
Smoking. There is no real need to list all of the reasons you should give up this bad habit. Just remember that if you go 40 days without smoking, you can go a lifetime without smoking.
Drinking Alcohol. This can be hard to do if your social circle spends a lot of time at the bar. But if you volunteer to be the designated driver, you will have to avoid drinking.
Unhealthy Food. This may be the most difficult thing to strictly give up. If your plan is to give up fatty foods for lent, it may be a good idea to be more specific about what you give up. Giving up deserts or fast food would be easier to adhere to.
Caffeine. Do you need your caffeine fix every morning? Switch to decaf coffee or caffeine free soda to ween yourself off of caffeine.
Cell Phone. It may be impossible to give up your cell phone altogether for 40 straight days. So if you absolutely need your phone during the day, try giving it up at night every day, turn it off as soon as it gets dark out. Or just try giving up the apps you don’t need.
The Couch. If you give up lazing around on the couch, you will open yourself up to other activities. Try using the couch for something else such as a place to store towels/linens so you force yourself to avoid sitting down.
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