Freeze Watch in Effect for Long Island Tuesday Evening Through Wednesday Morning

Bundle up, Long Island! A freeze watch is in effect this week for Nassau & Suffolk!

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With the warm summer now far behind us, and fall well underway, it's no surprise that we're in for some cold weather here on Long Island, and although it is seasonally appropriate, not many were expecting the Freeze Watch issued by the National Weather Service today. Starting on Tuesday night at 10 PM, and continuing throughout the evening until 10 AM on Wednesday morning, a Freeze Watch is in effect for both Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Across Long Island, freezing temperatures can be expected in the middle to upper 20s, except for in the Pine Barrens, where temperatures in the lower 20s can be expected. This winter chill can effect sensitive plants and crops, so if you have any seasonal plants you can move indoors, it is advised to do so in order to protect them from the harsh, cold temperatures. At this time, the National Weather Service does not recommend any other precautionary actions - simply put, be prepared for the winter chill to take hold of Long Island!

On Tuesday, it is possible Long Island will get the first snow of the season, although it is predicted that less than 1/2 an inch of accumulation is likely.

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[Source: National Weather Service]