Throw Your Own Mardi Gras Bash!

Instead of going out, have your Mardi Gras party in the comfort of your own home this year, complete with masks, music, and Creole-inspired food!

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This year, Mardi Gras (also known as Fat Tuesday) falls on February 17, so start prepping for an unconventional party to celebrate the holiday of going against the norm, dressing up, and indulging in delicious foods before Lent.  Mardi Gras is not widely celebrated on Long Island, and the closest Fat Tuesday celebration to be have is in New York City.  This year, bring the party to your own home and invite friends and family for costumes, Creole cooking, and good old fun, so put on your beads and get ready to party!

Bring the Masquerade Ball Home:  At your Mardi Gras celebration, you may not be able to ask guests to bring their own masks, but you can set up a mask-making table for everyone to join in on the fun!  Buy plain masks at a craft store like Michael’s or A.C. Moore, and grab some brightly colored feathers, markers, sequins, and rhinestones.  Put your craft materials in dishes for your guests to grab from, and put some glue in a bowl with a paintbrush so they can apply it with the swish of your brush.  Let your masks sit and dry while you eat or drink, and then put them on to kick off the festivities!

Decorations & Activities:  Mardi Gras is about being over-the-top, where nothing is too gaudy.  The traditional colors of the holiday are purple, green, and gold, so coordinate your tablecloths, plates, cutlery, and other décor appropriately.  You can also create a backdrop using a tablecloth with some of the Mardi Gras colors, grab your masks and some friends, and make your own selfie photo booth area of the room to take fun pictures together!

Eat Like a King: Mardi Gras is all about indulging yourself, so whip up a great meal for you and your family!  One of the most famous symbols of Mardi Gras is king cake – a round glazed cake filled with icing that also contains a plastic or ceramic baby that represents the baby Jesus.  This recipe and the recipes for more Creole-inspired party dishes can be found here.

Setting the Playlist:  While your guests are over, stream some upbeat jazz, funk, zydeco, and Dixieland tunes.  Fat Tuesday playlists can be found on YouTube, Pandora, and iTunes, and will help to set the mood for a night of fun.