A Sneak Peek of Summer Sunshine: How to Throw an Indoor Beach Party!


Enjoy a warm and fun-filled day with family and friends at your indoor beach party! Check out these unique summer activities that can be held inside and are ideal for everyone!

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Is this cold weather giving you the blues? If you and your family are mentally ready for the summer warmth, throw an indoor beach party that you, your children and even their friends will enjoy. Both you and the kiddies will be thankful to get away from the cold for a while and enjoy some fun summer activities, indoors! 
These summer time activities are the perfect way to keep the whole family busy during a cold weekend or on a snow day. The activities will really get everyone in the mood for summer and will help you to forget about how chilly it is outside! 
Wear a Bathing Suit
Most children love to play dress up, even when there’s nowhere to go! Instead of the princess and super hero costumes, have the children pick out their favorite bathing suit to wear for the day. Allow them to wear it until bedtime, after the “beach party” tires them out. To add some more fun to their beach outfit, throw on some other beach necessities like flip flops, sunglasses and beach hats! Break out the swimmies, too for the younger children. 
Watch Movies on Beach Towels
Take the gigantic beach towels out of the closet a little early this year! Set them up in the living area in front of the TV and “lay out” as a family in front of your favorite movie. To really add to the beach experience, set up some beach chairs to lounge in or stand a beach umbrella up against something so everyone can lie underneath it.
Make Summer Time Blender Drinks
Indulge in some fun and colorful slushy drinks, perfect for during or after the movie!  A tasty drink that the children will love is a virgin Strawberry Daiquiri. For the moms and dads, add some liquor to it for the ideal summer cocktail. The sweet and fruity taste will surely remind you all of summer, especially if you add a festive straw and mini cocktail umbrella for some fun drink décor!
Indoor Limbo Contest
The party isn’t over just because the movie is! After the movie, have the kids compete in a friendly game of limbo. If you don’t happen to have a limbo stick lying around, use anything that can resemble one, like a broom stick. Throw on the limbo song while the kids line up and get ready to participate. The adults can be the judges and whoever wins the competition will receive a creative summer time prize.
Summer Time Feast
To end your beach party off right, enjoy a summer meal together as a family. Keep the blender drinks flowing and think of a meal your family likes to eat during the summer that you can still prepare inside. A simple dinner idea that is always a hit is delicious tacos loaded with your favorite toppings. If you want to have more of a BBQ feel, make some burgers and hot dogs with a chopped salad and corn on the cob for a yummy side dish! 
Once your beach party is over, your family and friends will be grateful for the mini vacation they were able to take from the crispy cold air. Your beach bash doesn’t have to be a onetime event either, throw a party whenever you or the kids are feeling tired of winter and to help get prepared for summer time. The more parties you have, the closer you are to sweet summer! 
Have a fun summer activity you would like to share? Comment below!