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Alarm Dealers need Training and Consultation to meet Security Alarm Consumers Needs

Consumers of home and business security alarm systems have many resources at their disposal, to search out and purchase security systems from quality alarm dealers. Access to the Internet has provided a wealth of information, ...

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Consumers of home and business security alarm systems have many resources at their disposal, to search out and purchase security systems from quality alarm dealers. Access to the Internet has provided a wealth of information, and has proved to be a great resource for consumer advocates, to educate potential consumers.

Where does the quality conscious alarm dealer go to learn how to meet the demanding wants and needs of these now educated consumers? In the past they would rely on the knowledge base of their most informed employees or mimic the processes of a competitor that seemed to be doing well.

The Experts Know! Alarms, has been representing consumers in their search for previously unavailable consumer education. In the process, quality alarm dealers have thrived and rejoiced in the benefits of dealing with an educated consumer who appreciates a job done properly.

Now dealers can access the consulting services of The Experts Know! Alarms. Our consultation service will enable quality alarm dealerships to increase productivity and performance through field proven training methods.

Our In-Company training solution is all about your organization. We can work with you to identify your individual and company wide training needs to deliver a course that meets your needs.

Informed consumers deserve well-trained quality alarm dealers. Make sure your people have the right skills to make your strategy happen.

The Experts Know! Alarms, specializes in consulting dealership programs, on how to take their sales and marketing programs to a level that you did not know you can achieve.

I have been successfully involved in our industry on every level for the past 22 years. Eight years ago I took on a position as sales and marketing director with an authorized dealer program in Denver, Colorado.

During my employment there, I have realized levels of customer satisfaction, production and consistent achievement that only the top dealers in the nation could appreciate.

I specialize in bringing your sales and management teams to a new level of skills in hiring, training, accountability and growth charting with daily reports and the creation of a politics free work environment with very little turnover.

I am also a master sales trainer and can teach you how to bring your promotional and sales representatives to a consistent:

* 35+ sales per month per representative.
* 75 % or better first visit closing ratio.
* Under 10% cancels.
* 40 % + self-generated sales (without leads)

The promotional representatives I have managed over the past 8 years have all been able to boast a $70,000.00 to $100,000.00 salary in their first year of employment.

Here are some of the things I have accomplished in short order for my last employer and what I would like to do for you if you are looking to grow your company.

* Hire and training for all sales representatives
* Outstanding employee retention ratios.
* Daily training and motivation (All Teams)
* Consistent 75% + representatives closing ratio on first - visit.
* Creation of leads, canvas, customer renewal, exhibition
- and creative marketing teams.
* Design and facilitation of accountability programs and
- reports.
* Increased sales from 100 to a dependable 450+ per month.
* Increased monthly upgrade sales from non-existence to
- over $25,000.00
* Average 35 sales per month per rep. with less than 8%
- cancel ratio.
* Trained and motivated leads team, to self-generate 40%
- of their sales.
* Design and disbursement of monthly bonus programs.
* Removed 99% of office politics from my team members.
- (nice work environment)

Working with a consultant that specializes in the field of electronic security, will provide the growth you have been looking for. Even startup alarm companies now have a resource for the building blocks necessary to compete in today's security dealer market.