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Diamond Lighthouse Launches Revolutionary Way To Sell Diamonds P2P

Provides a massive network of diamond buyers that trust and rely on Diamond Lighthouse's platform.

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Diamond Lighthouse offers a massive network of diamond buyers for those looking to sell.

Photo by: Diamond Lighthouse

Long Island, NY - January 31, 2019 - On January 29, 2019, Diamond Lighthouse went public with their revamped person to person diamond selling system. Marketing manager Daniel Rose was quoted as saying “Once upon a time, jewelers and pawn shops were the only option to get something back for pre-owned diamonds. Despite the fact that nowadays there are a few more options - online auctions like eBay as well as buy and sell platforms like Craigslist - none provide you with a massive network of diamond buyers that trust and rely on our platform to buy diamonds for personal use or resale”. He also stressed that trust and selling costs is what motivates the masses to sell their diamonds online in droves with them.
The trust factor seems to be the key according to many I spoke with in management. Diamond buyers know that Diamond Lighthouse professionaly asseses and vouches for every diamond that the sellers send in. Sellers range from mothers, ex-wives and random people who want to sell their diamonds. Professional and amateur diamond buyers also flock to diamond lighthouse because of the selection. The Diamond Lighthouse marketing manager also articulated that their revolutionary online selling system provides them with a massive unmatched inventory that buyers flock to. He explained that the lavish inventory comes from the ease of their process. Their process entails simply shipping in your diamond in an insured UPS package, having it opened up on live CCTV and then being accurately graded. Sellers love the fact that they receive multiple offers live which they can accept or reject. The result is a large amount of happy seller, a ton of diamonds for sale and a lot of happy buyers that can shop until they drop without leaving their home. Mr. Rose also explained that sites like E-bay don’t actually possess and vouch for the diamond you are buying, making it much less appealing to sellers.
Cost also seems to be a big factor as the company is pushing the word on their website that the whole process costs nothing. That means the seller does not pay for the shipping or the professional GIA grading that takes places when the package arrive. After speaking with upper management officials it was clear that their belief was that allowing sellers to sell diamonds for free without leaving their home and only having to accept or reject offers from buyers that seriously trust the Diamond Lighthouse grading system is the winning recipe in this industry.
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