Manifest Your Dreams

Manifest Your Dreams (excerpted from Gary's new book "The Power is You!) It doesn't matter how slowly you go, as long as you don't stop - Confucious There's a lot of talk these days concerning ...

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Manifest Your Dreams
(excerpted from Gary's new book "The Power is You!)

It doesn't matter how slowly you go, as long as you don't stop - Confucious

There's a lot of talk these days concerning the Law of Attraction and manifesting your dreams. Although it has become popular to say the Universe wants you to have all you desire - to a lot of people it doesn't seem to work. They say - I did my affirmations, I meditated and prayed for my dreams to come true - so why haven't I experienced the abundance I've asked for and deserve? Not just in terms of money but also in love, children, relationships and the many other things that people desire. You feel you deserve it but do you really believe it? Look past the surface of your desires and ask yourself, "are there thoughts or fears of having what you want that keep you from manifesting your dreams?" They might not be obvious but they are definitely there. Be honest with yourself and you'll see what I mean.

So what is the missing ingredient?

What is the missing piece of the puzzle that makes it work?

The answer is that its two fold.

The first is recognizing and working through your fears so that the negative thoughts and/or experiences you've had in the past can be set free.

The second is continuity. Manifesting your goals doesn't occur unless you are consistent. It s not just thinking positively and saying you're open to abundance. Its really about following up those thoughts with solid and concrete steps (consistently applied) to achieve your goals. Edgar Caycee's statement "Mind is the Builder" is true and if your mind is all over the place and your actions are inconsistent and unfocused, that is what you will create. However, if you focus your thoughts with appropriate actions, you will achieve your goal.

If you think you can do it, you can.

One of the concepts that gets lost when people talk of manifesting their dreams is that we are physical beings living in a physical world.

The expression "We are not Human beings having a Spiritual Experience rather Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience" is true however, we live in a physical world and need to remember that in order to create our dreams, we also need to work not only with spiritual concepts but within the physical laws which define our experience.

We all know or have heard of people who have gained wealth and happiness yet shake our heads and wonder how they accomplished it - particularly if they don't seem outwardly, to have much intelligence or common sense. To those of us looking in from the outside, it must often seem as if these people lead a charmed life and even feel envious of such people. We might even go so far as to think - "I do the right things, I'm a good person, I'm kind to others - so why do I struggle to pay my bills or find the right partner when Joe Shmoe seems to get anything he wants without much effort?"The answer to this question is that they created a road map, a plan for how they were going to achieve their goals and stuck to it (even if it was not well defined or particularly sophisticated).

Now you may agree or disagree with this statement because from the outside looking in, it might seem as if these (hypothetical) people were not capable of recognizing an intelligent or coherent plan if it jumped up and hit them in the face. But look a bit deeper and you'll see a common thread, a focus that helped them reached their goal. That focus that was always a part of their thoughts and intention even if not well expressed but was followed consistently and with a degree of passion.

You may also ask yourself - why do people who are not very spiritual or even very nice seem to make a lot of money and get whatever they desire? Well, an important thought to consider here is that the universe is impartial and doesn't specifically favor a "good" person over a "bad" person or vice versa with regard to prosperity.

As in the previous case, these people succeed because they set their attention on what they wish to create, keep a steady focus on their goals and don't let unexpected events or failures dissuade them. They create a plan, a blue print if you will, that advances them toward their goal. The benefit of this blue print is in essence, a road map to follow. But regardless how good the map is - unless it s followed - we won't get to where we are going. By following the map, making the adjustments that keep you on target and taking the steps needed to get to your end destination - you will provide the means by which the universe can help you along.
A good example of this is Thomas Edison. In the process of creating the electric light bulb, Edison clearly made many mistakes. In fact, it took him 10,000 attempts before he successfully achieved his goal. Most of us would have probably walked away from this project if faced with that much failure and think it was the right thing to do. But Edison was persistent, if not down right obstinate and kept working toward his goal. Eventually he succeeded and became quite prosperous as a result. This of course, is obviously a unique example but aptly illustrates the concept - it is persistence and consistency which support and propel the Universal Laws of Manifestation and Attraction.

Since most of us are not Edison, let s create a more generalized example to better illustrate this concept and pretend that our goal is to become a millionaire.

The first thing you might ask yourself is how am I going to make this money? What type of job will I have? Will I start a business and sell a product to get me there? Will I seek venture capital from outside sources? Whatever you decide leads to another question - what kind of specialized knowledge will I need to accomplish my goal? Whom can I learn from? Will I have to go back to school? ? Is there a special group, society, etc., that will teach me what I need to know or help me get connected with people who think like me? Step by step, you lay out your plan and when your finished say to yourself, this looks like it will get me where I want to go. (This program also applies to establishing a career where you are an employee and not a business owner).

As you begin to implement your plan though, it becomes apparent that your original assumptions are not as accurate as you thought they would be and things aren t going the way you hoped they would. So you begin to ask yourself where did I go wrong? What adjustments do I need to get back on track?

Because you have a plan and your thoughts are structured to achieve your goal, asking these questions and others like them, create a space for the Universe to respond to your concerns and provide guidance that will help get you back on track. The answers may come in many ways such as - a sudden inspiration or a comment from friends or family members who can see more clearly where you went off track, and direct you back to where you need to be. Perhaps a chance viewing of a TV show or a book's title gives you an unexpected insight that helps you to refocus. These are just a few of the ways that the message is conveyed. These are some of the ways the Universe guides you to your destination.

By applying the principle of consistency you automatically attract what you desire and/or need to achieve your goal. If you choose to listen, you will eventually see what is missing and be able to make the adjustments necessary. But in order for this to occur, it s necessary to pay attention to the signs that will lead you back to your path. Remember, they're not always obvious and sometimes so subtle that we miss them entirely. When you do listen and recognize those signs for what they are, you'll begin moving in the right direction. As things begin to fall in place, new avenues of opportunity, partnerships, helping hands, etc., begin to appear and everything seems to unfold easily and smoothly. This is a clear indication that your intent to manifest and the consistency of your focus is in harmony and creating what you desire.

So now you begin to see how the Laws of Manifestation and Attraction work. They re not just some idealistic concepts without substance, but actual tools. But in order to work must be in balance with the laws of the physical world we live in.

If you haven't yet achieved your goals and wonder where you went wrong, take some time to stop, reflect and reevaluate what it is you want to create. Perhaps your vision is no longer one that is right for you. Maybe you've changed and see the world in a different way than you did when you first drew up your plan. Maybe what you wanted in the past is not what you want today. Take the time to look at what you've created and know that whether you like it or not, your life and/or what you wish to create is the result of your thoughts and intention. If you would like to change what you've created you simply need to change your mind reset your focus. Seek to understand the reasons for the obstacles you've encountered, the wrong turns you've taken and you will eventually find your way.

Remember, it s not a race and you don't need to achieve your prosperity tomorrow. You have an entire lifetime to create all that you desire and part of the joy of walking your own path (whatever path it is that you choose) is the journey. The things you learn, the people you meet, the ideas and insights that come from your expanded understanding, are the reasons you undertake the journey in the first place. This is why it s so necessary, that whatever you choose to make your mark in, that it be something you have a passion for. When you combine passion with a plan and consistently follow that plan, you can't help but reach your goal.

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