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Want Flowers? We Help You Decide Between Fresh, Dry and Artifical

What will it be fresh flowers, dry, or artificial ones? Many people find themselves in a quandary when it comes to dicing about the kind of flowers they should use to decorate home or any ...

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What will it be fresh flowers, dry, or artificial ones? Many people find themselves in a quandary when it comes to dicing about the kind of flowers they should use to decorate home or any other place like a hall for any special occasions. It would be a lot easier to decide if you can consider factors like budgeting or personal liking. Experience indicates that fresh flowers are great when you have to make a great style statement showing your good taste.

1. Artificial flower arrangements

Largely the reason to choose artificial flowers is the low maintenance. Since this leaves out hassles caused due to water spills and does not require any maintenance activities like changing the soil or pruning the leaves. So you can simply consider it a part of the static decor of your office or home. The only maintenance artificial flowers need is wiping the dust off them with a damp cloth.

Another advantage of purchasing artificial flowers would be the price. Most of the times the cost of artificial flowers is lower than the price of natural flowers, however, remember that the quality often matches the price of the artificial flower product.

In case you want to gift a loved one and are thinking about buying artificial flowers then think again. No doubt artificial flowers are non-perishable but they are no match to natural flowers when it comes to conveying love and respect. Come on we don't really dream of presenting our darling or even our mother with a bouquet of artificial flowers Artificial might be durable but the feeling that fresh flowers create last much more than because it is not the object the feeling aroused by the objects that creates love.

How is that people then still buy artificial flowers? Well, I can tell you a couple of good reasons. Either you or your dear one cannot be near fresh flowers due to some allergic reaction they develop.

Another good reason to choose artificial flowers instead of fresh ones would be location. Yes, the location because if, let's say, you want fresh roses as an example for your wedding and you live in a remote area, it could be pretty expensive to import them for the ceremony. In such a case it is best to use silk roses for decoration and use the money you save here more sensibly on something else. Also think if the flowers would sustain freshness if you are getting married in summer heat as fresh flowers will wilt unlike the artificial flowers but if you have made arrangements enduring that they don't take all the heat then you can still use them. (In cases of wedding in remote areas you should pick flowers sold by local vendors and also refrigerate them.) It's up to you to decide whether you want artificial flowers or fresh ones for any occasion.

2. Dried flower arrangements

If you are looking for durability when purchasing a floral arrangement, dried flowers are the closest choice to the natural flowers. That's because dried flowers when preserved still maintain some natural qualities. Various flowers are dried using various preservation procedures like freeze-drying, air-drying, using microwave or silica gel considering best preservation of their natural qualities. Flowers can be dried on your own.

In most cases, people decide on the type of flowers they want by considering the preservation factor. Want to keep them forever? You have two options:

Go for artificial flowers as they will always look the same;

Even if you select flowers you can preserve and preserve or dry them they are not going to stay the same forever.

In my opinion attempting to preserve flowers forever is similar to attempting to stay young forever. They are wonderful and unique while they are fresh, but no matter how much we try to keep them alive, there comes a time when we have to let them go and accept that flowers were meant to bring us beauty and wonderful memories, even if for a short period of time. Why use artificial flowers when can simply have more fresh flowers creating freshness in our lives?

3. The best choice - fresh flower arrangements

Choosing flowers to decorate office or home is only a matter of personal taste and it will vary from person to person. Nature has provided us with so many wonderful flowers, and fortunately, finding the flowers that highlight your personality and taste has become an easy task. Whether you decide to shop for them from the local florist, order them online, or grow your own, you will find that fresh flowers are always the best choice.

With variety of colors, sizes and fragrances they all say - 'This is a special occasion'. If you love fresh flowers but you don't want to spend a fortune on them, just buy flowers that are in season locally. That is how you can savor each moment with spirit lifting fragrances and freshness anytime.

The essence of selecting a flower arrangement is your happiness. What do you want to convey by gifting flowers? What do you want to remember twenty years from now about your wedding? do you want to remember enjoying in the beautiful natural environment or dull artificial ones? The fresh flowers arrangement sets up everybody's mood in a fresh tone of joy. Think about your preferences when it comes to color, flower smells and types. Refer to some magazine and visit your local florist to be able to visualize how you really want it.