Tips on Staying Healthy and Skipping the Sick Days This Winter

Winter may be synonymous with Flu season and sick days, but with these tips, you’ll be healthy all season long!

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Everyone knows that once Winter begins, so do the sick days! This year though, instead of sticking to previous preventative measures that have still left you feeling sickly, research some new ways to stay healthy! Even if you’ve already gotten your flu shot this year, there are many other things you can do to curb your chances of getting sick and staying sick this year.

Check out these helpful tips for keeping your health, and the health of those you love, in check this Winter!

Invest In Hand Sanitizer. It’s not always possible to get to a sink after shaking a bunch of hands, riding the subway or caring for someone with a cold but if you keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer stashed in your purse, briefcase or pocket, you’ll always be covered.

Stay Hydrated. You always hear warnings to stay hydrated during the Summer, but you need to stay well hydrated during the Winter too! Drinking water helps with digestion, weight loss and helps filter nutrients and minerals in and out of the body.

Get The Flu Shot. Getting the flu shot decreases your chances of getting the flu by 70%, but you need to get the shot before you’re exposed to it, so the sooner the better! If needles freak you out, nasal sprays, such as FluMist, are also available.

Change Your Toothbrush. Toothbrushes can be a breeding ground for germs, be sure to change yours every few months and right after you get over being sick.

Get Enough Sleep. Lack of sleep is linked to colds and flu, heart disease, mental health, diabetes, and obesity. Being sleep deprived makes you more vulnerable to getting sick, weakens your immune system and affects the body’s response to vaccines.

Spend Some Time In The Sunshine. Lack of sunshine during the Winter can lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder. To combat SAD make sure you get outside on sunny Winter days. Light therapy can also be helpful when dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Don’t Sneeze Into Your Hand. Although sneezing into your hand is much better than sneezing into someone’s face, if you can, try to have tissues handy when you feel yourself getting sick. Make it a habit to sneeze into them or the crook of your elbow, places that don’t come in contact with others often.

Take Vitamins. Take a vitamin supplements to make sure you’re filling your daily requirements. It’s a good idea to take Omega-3s, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Zinc, but only take Zinc when you start to feel sick, too much Zinc can actually suppress your immune system.