Blastball comes to Long Island

A pre tball game for 4 and 5 year old boys and girls max of 5 players on a team

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BLASTBALL is an excellent introductory game for boys and girls 4 & 5 YEARS OLD
to Pre T-Ball Baseball and softball
It allows for more action for a youngsters short attention span. Maximum of 5 players on a team.
More kids get to be involved which helps them retain interest in T-Ball, Baseball
and softball concept.
The game is safe and uses a foam bat and ball with no gloves required.
BLASTBALL! ® teaches the basic T-Ball and baseball/softball fundamentals
of hitting, throwing, fielding, catching , and running
while emphasizing the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship.
The kids love to hear the 1st Base "HONK"
We are currently setting up leagues all over Long Island looking for Directors to help
run indivigual programs. The teams will play a 12 game season and a tournament type
end of season playoff. Clinics will also be held for the teams.
For More nformation please go to our website
or e-mail us at

Blastball is a Pre-Tee Ball League and is built to introduce youngsters and their families
to America's favorite pastime and to encourage them to move on to other advanced levels
of baseball or softball. It is designed to generate fast-paced action, provide
recreation and exercise and create enthusiasm with simplicity.
The batters hit an oversized foam ball off a tee and run to a single base 40 feet away.
If the batter reaches the base and makes it 'Honk' before the players on the opposing
team field the ball and holler 'Blast!', the runner is safe. It's lots of fun for the whole family!
This game teaches running,
hitting, catching throwing and team play.
catching, throwing and team play.