Chiari Malformation-A Damage to Base of the Brain

Chiari malformation is the brain problem when there is increase in the cerebellar between the bases of the brain and spinal cord, which may cause lots of problem from weakness, eye pain, loss of balance, ...

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Chiari malformation

is a defect in the lower part of the brain located between the brain and spinal cord. Such malformation occurs when the cerebellum is too large that it cannot fit within the skull of the person. When the cerebellar are oversized, the tonsils extend down into the spinal cord canal from a small opening formed in the base of the skull. In the chiari malformation there are various types of symptoms which one can notice like severe headache or mild headache behind the head region, loss of balance, suddenly you can find loss of balance in eyes while walking, could also find pain in eyes, weakness in body and muscles, numbness or tingling in finger hands may occur. Another symptoms is some times you don't feel such kind of symptoms, if you are diagnosed to it immediately medical check up should be done as recommended by doctor. When the cerebellar is elongated it is been forced to cut off the cerebro spinal fluid of the brain. The part affected in the brain due to chiari malformation is lower brainstem and cerebellum.

Another brain problem other than mentioned above is

Subarachnoid hemorrhage

. In this problem the person gets sudden severe headache. When it is diagnosed, the rupture of aneurysms looks like a balloon which touches the arteries from out, it is located near the backside of the brain on the base. Those who diagnosed subarachnoid hemorrhages their brain involve in bleeding between the space in brain and other membrane which are known as meninges. Sometime it occurs due to a traumatic blow to the head which may cause damage and leads to subarachnoid hemorrhage.

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