Wedding Watch 2013: Trends to Look Out For!

Check out these trends that will dominate weddings this year!

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As 2013 begins, so does a new year of fashion trends and accessories. With each coming year new wedding trends also pop up with new brides and grooms looking to make their wedding stand out. The wedding trends of 2013 are much different than the previous years, leaving frivolity to the wind and favoring much more formal and sophisticated themes. This no doubt is a result of the growing market for metallic colors and the increased popularity of black tie events. While some still attribute this new desire for sophistication to Royal Fever and the want to emulate Royal Wedding methods, there is no doubt that these trends are here to stay for the coming year.

The first thing that a bride looks at when starting to plan her wedding is the dress. For 2013, there is a departure from the large ball gowns and tulle that has dominated wedding fashion and a new focus on simple and sleek fabrics. One of the biggest trends coming into this year is the sheer overlay. Brides are going nuts for this simple sheer layer over a slim and sleek satin dress. Many are also going for additional hand beading on the overlay to glam it up, also increasing the price. This hand beading can also be found on dresses featuring ruffles or corsets, two other trends that are making a big statement this year. Ruffles are increasingly becoming popular not on the full skirt, but on the mermaid cut, adding a little flair for the fun bride. Corsets, while always being popular, are being seen on more of the slimmer cut dresses as compared to ball gown dresses. But the biggest newcomer is the structured dress. This look has dominated the runways not only in wedding dresses but all high-end gowns and cocktail dresses. These dresses are not only popular in white but, as with Jessica Biel’s pink wedding gown, are increasingly becoming popular in shades of red, pink, and blue.

Bridesmaid’s dresses are also getting a bit of a revamp in the coming year. While many opted for the little black dress option, there is a new color that will be seen much more next to the bride this year. Gray is now the new black, leaving the darker hue to appear in pops throughout the wedding. This color will mostly be seen in longer gowns, another trend that will take over bridesmaids this year with the growing sense of formality. Gray goes great with metallic tones such as gold or silver while will have a much larger presence not only in the fashion, but also in the wedding invitations and reception décor. Other cuts that are going to be popular are structures and one shoulder dresses which feature versatile necklines. For those looking to stay a little more fun and flirty, simple print dresses are also making their way onto the scene. While bold animal prints certainly aren’t in style for weddings right now, toned down floral and multi hued prints are sure to be a hit in either short or long fashions.

Other trends to be looking out for this year? The color mint is going to be coming out in a big way in not only dresses, but floral arrangements as well. All white floral arrangements featuring lilies, white roses, and baby’s breath will also be the go to bouquet for the black tie wedding, although some are saying peonies are going to be the big flower of 2013.  Simple cakes with one defining feature such as a monogram or floral aspect will also be popular. Look out for the use of garlands throughout the ceremony and reception for a magical floral glam. Feather centerpieces are also said to be trending in an effort to create that unique look. If you’re planning your wedding for 2013 don’t miss out on these fabulous new trends on your special day!