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Be prepared to get scared! Halloween is right around the corner, and all throughout the months of September and October, local haunts are providing thrill seekers with the scary-good fun they've been looking for! Whether you're looking to enjoy some family friendly Halloween fun, or you're prepared for some big scares, we've got you covered with the inside scoop on some of Long Island's best Haunted Houses and Halloween Attractions.

Here on Long Island, Halloween has truly become its own season. No longer a simple one night celebration, there are plenty of ways to get in on the scary-good fun as early as September, and all the way up until Halloween! This year, Halloween falls on a Friday night, meaning that there will be lots Halloween fun happening all the way into November - there's no reason to miss out on the spooktakular entertainment this season!

To make things easier for all of you ghouls and goblins looking to get your spook on this season, the LongIsland.com team has gone out to visit some of Long Island's biggest, most terrifying haunts.

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2014 Haunted House Reviews

  • Spooky Fest - Rockville Centre, NY
    October 19 – October 28
    Take a walk on the wild side at Spooky Fest, located in Rockville Centre’s Tanglewood Preserve. You’ll have a frightfully good time exploring the dark paths and evading the crazed creatures residing in the woods. Are you headed the right way? Is someone standing in front of you? Guess you really won’t know unless you take a step further…
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  • DarkSide Haunted House - Wading River
    October 3rd – November 2nd
    Located in a creepy, desolate area of Wading River, Darkside Haunted House has the look of something that has come straight out of a horror film. This dark, looming house, infested with crazed creatures and shocking scenes, includes a terrifying walking trail and multiple floors of frightful fun. Patrons, keep a tight grip on the person next to you because who knows what terrors lurk around the dark corners of this haunted attraction.
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  • F&W Schmitt's Family Farm Haunted Mansion - Melville, NY
    October 3rd – November 1st
    F&W Schmitt's Haunted Mansion is back for its 20th year of scaring willing patrons. Find your way out of their spooky corn maze infested with creepy charcters, explore the dark rooms of the haunted mansion and enjoy the kooky show, The Experiment, for some less jolting Halloween fun.
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  • Zombieworld: Attack of the Killer Clowns - Deer Park, NY
    September 6th – November 1st
    A strange medical practice has taken over the old school building in Deer Park. It turns out that a deranged doctor has started conducting his own experiments on patients and you're his newest edition. Can you escape the maniac medical staff and other insane individuals residing in the building? Will you make it out of Zombieworld alive or just become yet another one of the doctor's victims?
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  • Gateway’s Haunted Playhouse
    September 26th – November 1st
    Gateway’s Haunted Playhouse returns for another season of thrills and chills. As Long Island’s oldest professional theater, the Gateway’s century-old Bellport estate is the perfect scene for the creatures of the night to come out and play. Come face the terrors of the night, and be careful not to lose your mind as one trick after another is played on your senses!
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  • Bayville ScreamPark - Bayville, NY
    September 12th – November 8th
    Every Halloween season, Bayville Adventure Park transforms from a wholesome family amusement park into a thrill-filled ScreamPark with exciting scares around every corner! With five different haunted attractions, and each one with it's own unique flair and theme, you are sure to have a howling good time at Bayville ScreamPark.
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  • NYZ Apocalypse - Deer Park, NY
    September 27th – November 2nd
    Located in Deer Park, NYZ Apocolypse is a haunted attraction like no other. It's an interactive Zombie Survival Experience - you and your friends will gear up, and go on the hunt to track down, and battle hordes of the undead! This interactive haunt is packed with heart-pounding, action-packed fun, and is not for the weak of heart!
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  • Chamber of Horrors - Hauppauge, NY
    October 3rd - November 2nd
    Chamber of Horrors offers three different, unique scare experiences that will leave you with a chill in your spine. The adventure starts at Maniac Manor, where ghosts and ghouls are around every corner, followed by the Maze of Mayhem, a terrifying corn maze that only the bravest can escape. If you make it through the Manor & Maze, you'll wind up at the main attraction - the Chamber of Horrors, which is filled with thrills & chills!
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  • Fright Night at Karts - Ronkonkoma, NY
    October 17th - November 1st

    Fright Night Haunted House at Karts Indoor Raceway provides thrills and chills for all ages! The haunted house itself strikes a careful balance, finding a way to terrify older audiences without being as traumatic for younger haunt-goers as some haunts can be. After the scares have ended, patrons can also head to the indoor raceway and arcade are to have even more fun!
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