ZombieWorld: Surviving the Psychotic Practice of Maniac Monsters


You are the maniac doctor's newest lab rat...will you escape to tell the tale or end up like all those who came before you? Test your luck this Halloween season at ZombieWorld!

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Don’t let the outward appearance of ZombieWorld: Attack of the Killer Clowns in Deer Park fool you. This haunted house may be located in a seemingly wholesome looking school building but something here has gone terribly wrong. If the creepy clowns patrolling the outside quarters of the building and line to go in don’t give you a good hint as to what kinds of horrors you’ll encounter inside than this tale will.  It turns out that after the school was abandoned a questionable medical group took over the building and began conducting experiments. What kind of experiments you may ask…well that is a very good question.

The maniac doctor of the medical practice began conducting his own personal experiments on the patents.  From electroshock therapy to impromptu dissections, the screams of the poor lab rat patients heard throughout the building can be taken as a testament to the horrors that have been seen and done in this old school building. The same horrors you yourself will encounter as you attempt to escape this psychotic prison.

After you make it to the front of the line for ZombieWorld you and only those in your group are taken into the holding room to hear the house rules. As you listen don’t be surprised if a few crazy characters drop in spontaneously to give you a jolt.

Once your orientation is over you are handed over to the deranged Dr. "Killpatient" who is now your host and trusty guide for the night. She will lead you to and from each room but she herself doesn’t dare enter the rooms herself for the dangers and terrors that wait in there are solely for you, their newest patient.

Can you survive the multiple rooms, including an unsanitary cafeteria, psychiatric ward and quarantine unit, with hundreds of characters, some innocent victims like yourself and others much, much more sinister? Will you make it out to tell the tale and warn the others before they too face a familiar fate?

All in all, if you’re looking for a haunt that personalizes the experience for their visitors, helps you avoid obnoxious strangers, has proceeds going to a good cause, and is home to some convincingly crazy and creepy characters, then this is one haunt you don’t want to miss out on this Halloween season.

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