Fright Night at Karts: Thrills and Chills for All Ages

Fright Night Haunted House provides a terrifying experience, as well as plenty of fun games and activities for those who prefer not to be scared out of their wits.

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Throughout the year Karts Indoor Raceway in Ronkonkoma provides patrons with a variety of fun activities, including arcade games, a winding indoor go-kart track, and laser tag. For the fourth Halloween season in a row, however, Lazer Warz has been taken over by the denizens of the dark, making way for the Fright Night Haunted House.

Once again, thirteen rooms of terror have sprung up in the laser tag arena, finding a perfect home in the dimly lit setting. Before entering the haunt, guests are left to wait in a dark room where a couple creepy characters line the wall, and a white bust is illuminated with a spotlight to draw the attention of the crowd.

Initially the bust appears perfectly ordinary, if not a bit eerie, but before long its ghastly face springs to life, laughing maniacally in a deep, baritone voice as it warns guests of the horrors that lurk beyond the haunt’s entrance. Once its terrifying cautions are finished, each group of victims is permitted to enter and the real scares begin.

As guests walk through they will find a different theme in each room, as well as plenty of creepy ghouls, ghosts, and other creatures popping out to shock and startle them. Shortly past the entryway, a tight, narrowing wall envelopes all who pass through, cutting off their ability to see what lies ahead or behind, which is never a comforting experience when the prospect of a monster jumping out from behind any corner is all-pervading.

Before long, patrons will come upon a black room filled with glowing polka dots—an innocuous sight on its own, but the walls quickly spring to life as creatures emerge seamlessly from the corners and columns to sneak up on their victims.

Those who make it out of the room will soon find themselves in a sanitarium occupied by a pair of hungry patients and dismembered corpse. Beyond the psych ward lies a series of grim scenes, including a morgue and funeral home that will have guests questioning which bodies are truly alive or dead.

Some of the best scares and characters lurk in the last third of the haunt, but we of course don’t want to give away too many of Fright Night’s ghastly secrets.

There’s plenty of fear to be found throughout Karts Indoor Raceway, and those looking to have some fun without a spooky theme can find them as well. Though the laser tag arena may be out of commission until after Halloween, Karts’ game room is still fully operational, and the namesake go karts are up and running as well. Between the arcade, the raceway, and the horrifying haunt, Fright Night provides thrills and chills for all ages!

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