Nassau County Police Officer Injured by Fleeing Queens Man


An officer was pinned between two cars as a suspect tried to escape arrest.

A Nassau County Police Officer was hurt in the arrest of a man on the afternoon of Sunday, January 5. The incident occurred in Fresh Meadow, Queens.

21-year-old Muhammad Ali, who was wanted in connection with an armed robbery that took place in Hicksville two days prior, was discovered inside a vehicle by four plain-clothes officers around 4:40 PM. The officers showed the suspect their shields and attempted to place him under arrest when Ali instead tried to flee, driving his car into one of the officers and pinning him into another vehicle. A second officer fired his gun and struck Ali, then took the suspect into custody.

Ali was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for non-life threatening injuries, where he awaits charges as the investigation continues. The injured officer was brought to North Shore Hospital where he is receiving attention for injuries sustained to both of his legs.

[Source: NCPD]

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