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Getting Ready for Back-to-School: The Things You Need

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Class schedules in most school districts have been administered, so that means back-to-school shopping has begun! Check out our tips for the things you need ...

With school only a few weeks away, it is time to get the kids ready for school. There are a lot of supplies and things kids needs during the year, not just at the beginning of the year. Luckily, with back-to-school time, many stores will have a bunch of deals  for everything your child needs to be prepared for everyday.

Generally, the first month of school is when you and your child will be fully prepared, but remember, when you buy supplies, think ahead and buy for the entire school year. Not sure what you child needs? Some teachers have school supply list that are sent home or they are available online. For older students, many teachers will not have their supply list available for the first day, but if you follow these tips, you will have a majority of what all your kids need.

  • Backpack: A backpack is important because it needs to be sturdy enough for everything your child is putting in it. Backpack are better for a person's back, so avoid messenger bags that can cause back pain if overloaded. Also, work with your child to figure out how they will be traveling to their locker throughout the day to avoid carrying too much in their backpack. Finally, check your school's policy on backpacks. Some schools no longer allow students to walk around with backpacks.
  • Binders and Organizer: This is an important classroom aspect that needs to be organized frequently: the binder. Make sure to buy q sturdy plastic binders rather than cardboard binders that could break during the school year. Organizing tabs in your binder can separate different aspects of a class (homework, notes, vocabulary, exams). Every quarter clear out your binder and save the notes for final exams. Keep all exams until your final grades are posted, just in case there is an error with grades. 
  • Pencil Case with Pens, Pencils, and Highlighters: Pens and pencils are vital for the classroom and students need a lot of them. Buying one pack might not be enough for a school year. Buy many packs at the beginning of the year and slowly use them over the course of the year. Highlighters are another essential tool for editing and finding information in handouts. Teacher might not require them, but they are very beneficial.
  • Lined Paper: Wide-ruled or college-ruled. It doesn't matter. Fresh and clean paper is needed in all binders. If loose leaf is too messy, consider spiral notebooks for all your class. Marble notebooks might be good for elementary, but a little clumsy at the high school level.
  • Computer: Now, more than ever, teachers are requiring students to complete homework assignments on the computer. Whether printing out an essay or research a chemical element, having access to a computer is important. Although tablets are convenient, they do not have the capabilities of a full PC or MAC have when formatting. If you are unable of having a computer, speak to your local library about their hours and availability of computers. Also, have plenty of computer paper and ink for printing! If your child has a laptop, be sure to confirm with the school if your child is allowed to have it in class. If they are allowed, be sure they understand how to care for their device in school and avoid getting it stolen.
  • Lunch Bag: Although schools do offer healthy meals for your child, you might consider packing or having your child pack their own lunch to save money or teach responsibility. A good lunch bag is needed to protect and keep your food fresh. Schools do not have refrigerators for students, so be sure to find a lunch bag with insolation and an ice pack. 
  • Clothes: Students should dress to impress. Go over the dress codes at the schools and go shopping with your child for school appropriate clothes that make them look and feel good. Also, comfortable gym clothes and sneakers will be needed for Physical Education. Be sure to talk to your child about bringing clothes home on a weekly basis to clean the clothes.
  • Poster Board and Markers: These supplies might not explicitly be needed by teachers, but if a project comes up and your child would like to be creative, having poster board and markers on hand can be very convenient. 
  • Agenda: Most schools will provide this for your student, but if not, an agenda can be very beneficial with helping your child say organized. Homework and activities can be written in them. To amplify organization and if your child has a smartphone, syncing calendars can help the whole family stay organized.
  • Drinking Water: Students are in school for a minimum of 7 hours with a period for lunch. That is a lot of time to wait to have something to drink. Generally, having a water bottle in class is acceptable in most classes and vending machines can be pricey. Having your child go to school with a water bottle will keep them hydrated and focused. 

What is a school supply that your child must have when going to school? Tell us in the comments below!

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