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Unwind and De-stress with Yoga Classes This Summer

Sports & Recreation, Health & Wellness

Try out yoga and find your center through meditation and therapeutic exercises!

Summer is a great time to try something new, especially if your schedule opens up or if you simply need some me-time.  One great hobby to pick up is yoga – you can do yoga pretty much anywhere, there are plenty of yoga studios across Long Island, and yoga is healthy for both the body and mind.  There are many different kinds of yoga, but they all share a common bond in that they focus on both physical and mental exercises that are meant to help transform the body and mind.  Often, classes push students to test their flexibility, balance, and breathing, and increase their abilities in these areas through a series of exercises.  Meditations are also interspersed with exercises, and are meant to focus on mindfulness, or being present in the moment.  Yoga teachers often link their classes to Hindu, Buddhist, or Jainist practices from which yoga meditations are derived.

Though yoga is not extreme like the Insanity or Crossfit fads, it still has significant health benefits.  You can reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve your balance, range of motion, and strength, and manage chronic conditions such as arthritis. Hot yoga (yoga done in a room that is typically set at above 100 degrees Fahrenheit) has also taken off as a popular exercise, but experts have still not concurred if it has greater benefits than yoga at normal temperatures.

Take a look at these yoga studios to find a class that is right for your needs and schedule, and get ready for relaxation!

Beginner Yoga

Hot Yoga (Bikram Yoga)

Low-impact Yoga (For those with injuries or chronic pain)

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