Resolution Round Up: Looking to Achieve Inner Zen? Here's 9 Local Yoga Spots

Yesterday’s Resolution Roundup spoke on the subject of wellness through mind and body. Today’s Resolution Roundup with touch on the same subject but will also include the element of spirituality.

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Yesterday’s Resolution Roundup spoke on the subject of wellness through mind and body. Today’s Resolution Roundup with touch on the same subject but will also include the element of spirituality. Yoga, a Sanskrit word meaning “yoke,” which comes from the root yuj meaning to join or unite, is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline with its origins springing from ancient India. The goal of yoga and the person practicing is to attain a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility through meditation. The common form of practicing Yoga in Western Culture is actually Hatha Yoga which couples meditation with breathing and gentle exercise. Regular Yoga practice has shown to improve mood while reducing depression, pain, stress and anxiety. Yoga has also proven to aid in the treatment of diseases such as heart disease through reducing high blood pressure as well as schizophrenia and asthma. Whether or not you suffer from an illness, pains, anxiety or stress Yoga is sure to benefit your life. Please visit any of the following Yoga centers and begin your journey to enlightenment. 

1. Mindful Turtle Yoga and Wellness – (631) 721-1881, 1111 Route 25A, Stony Brook
Mindful Turtle Yoga and Wellness provides a community center with affordable and quality yoga and wellness services. Choose from a variety of classes with experienced teachers who will tailor their services to fit the specific needs of their clients. Through the practice of Yoga a meaningful and peaceful life can be achieved.
2. Harbor Lights Yoga – (631) 223-2533, 125 West Shore Road, Huntington
Harbor Lights Yoga owner Danielle Campbell was inspired by the lasting benefits of yoga and the desire to help other discover Yoga’s ability to change our bodies and our minds. Classes offered at Harbor Lights Yoga include Hot Yoga, which is practice in a comfortably heated room and promotes weight loss, improves circulation and relaxes the muscles all while trimming, toning and detoxing your body; Vinyasa which focuses on the connection between breath and movement, Gentle Yoga and Medical Yoga. All classes are open to all levels and private instruction is available.
3. Dahn Yoga – 1-877-477-YOGA (9642)
Dahn Yoga is dedicated to creating opportunities for its clients to improve their quality of life and in turn, benefit society as a whole. A leader in health and wellness, Dahn Yoga classes include Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation and other mind-body training programs, all based on traditional Korean healing philosophy. Private sessions, workshops and brain education classes are available. Visit the webpage of your local center for an up-to-date schedule of classes.
(631) 724-0686, 19 East Main Street, Smithtown / website
(631) 983-8813, 80C West Main Street, Babylon Village / website
(516) 364-3413, 567 Jericho Turnpike, Syosset / website
(516) 227-0101, 2085 Hempstead Turnpike, East Meadow / website
(516) 481-2526, 688 Dogwood Avenue, Franklin Square / website
(516) 487-8406, 45 Northern Boulevard, Great Neck / website
(516) 612-3737, 288 Broadway, Lynbrook / website
4. Body and Soul Fitness and Yoga Center – (631) 385-4664, 52 B Wall Street, Huntington Village
Body and Soul Fitness and Yoga Center aims to provide the community with affordable fitness, pilates and yoga classes in a friendly and nurturing atmosphere. They hold over 40 classes per week with certified and experienced teachers. Special programs and workshops are made available for kids with Intro Yoga and weekend workshops with local and/or visiting teachers. 
5. Simplicity Yoga – (631) 546-8894, 84 Main Street, Kings Park
Simplicity Yoga hopes to bring simple joy into your life. Classes include Beginner Yoga for the person with little to no Yoga experience; Vinyasa Level 1 for experience beginners looking to advance to the next level with a dynamic practice that combines movement with breath control; Vinyasa Level 2/3 is intended for regular Vinyasa practicers looking to challenge themselves; Open Level Vinyasa; Core Yoga which combines traditional Yoga asanas (postures) with additional exercises from other traditions such as Pilates to strengthen the core; Hot Vinyasa Flow which is practiced in a heated room that encourages flexibility; Morning Vinyasa Flow is open to all levels of Yoga practitioners to start their day off right; Candlelight Flow is a great way to de-stress, done in candlelight with soothing music open to all levels; and Mommy and Me Yoga, open to new mothers and infants (1-24 months). Please visit Simplicity Yoga’s website for the complete list of classes.
6. Inner Spirit Yoga Center – (631) 262-9642, 24 Vernon Valley Road, East Northport
Inner Spirit Yoga Center wishes to create a strong sense of community by offering a place peace, fun and kinship. Besides its various classes, Inner Spirit Yoga offers dance classes, weekend workshops and on the first Saturday of every month they hold a pot-luck dinner followed by an inspirational movie and discussion. Family and youth oriented classes are available as well as belly dancing, tai chi, hip hop and hula hooping classes. Traditional Yoga classes offered at Inner Spirit Yoga Center include Yoga Levels 1, 2 and 3, Restoritive Yoga, and Early Bird Yoga. Please visit their website for the complete schedule of Inner Spirit Yoga’s classes.
7. Yoga Oasis – (516) 367-8500, 100 Woodbury Road, Woodbury
Yoga Oasis is a sanctuary for the soul. Yoga Oasis offers a variety of services and classes
including Hot Yoga. Rooms are heated to 105 degrees with the perfect amount of humidity to make clients sweat thusly detoxing the body and aiding in flexibility, giving the entire body a comprehensive workout. Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga is also available but is intended for the more physically fit individual. Astanga Yoga leads the practioners to rediscover his or her fullest potential on all levels of human consciousness through correct breathing, postures and gazing point. Please visit Yoga Oasis’ website for more information on their classes. 
8. Absolute Yoga – (516) 682-YOGA (9642), 1 Guilles Lane, Woodbury
Absolute Yoga offers over an astounding 50 classes per week in a variety of Yoga styles. Styles range from beginner Yoga to the energetic and strengthening warm Vinyasa Yoga to pre- and post-natal Yoga as well as Pilates and Barre classes. Absolute Yoga is on a mission to make Yoga accessible to everyone regardless of age, level or fitness ability. All they ask is you have an open mind and willingness to explore your experience with Yoga, which can be an amazing journey of self-discovery.
9. Hot Yoga Massapequa – (516) 798-7980, 5078 Sunrise Highway, Massapequa Park
The staff at Hot Yoga Massapequa agrees, the most important investment in your life is yourself. That’s why they’re working hard to create for their clients and atmosphere where each and every student will realize the transformative power of yoga is all aspects of our lives. Clients visit Hot Yoga Massapequa for a number of reasons such as weight loss, mental clarity, increased energy and proper sleep and no one leaves dissatisfied. Director Patrick Hanratty aims to help people find joy in their practice and to find resolve in their struggles by attuning the natural power and vitality of our bodies. Please visit Hot Yoga Massapequa’s website for a schedule of classes.