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The Village of Babylon on a sunny day. 

The Town of Babylon in Suffolk County, New York is made up of three villages and eleven hamlets.  West Islip is shared by the town of Babylon and the Town of Islip. Babylon borders Nassau County to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south.  Portions of Fire Island are also considered part of the Town of Babylon.  There is also an incorporated Village of Babylon located within the town.

Once part of the Town of Huntington, called Huntington South, it was separated by an official partition in 1872.  Nathaniel Conklin settled in the area with his family in 1803, calling it New Babylon, after the prosperous ancient city.  The area of Babylon Village was purchased from the Sumpwam Native Americans living in the area.  Today the area hosts a bustling business district featuring a number of store fronts and restaurants.  

Geographically, 54% of the area of the town is water.  The median household family income is $66,261.  The 2010 census indicated the population is 14,498.

Four state parks are located within the Town of Babylon; Belmont Lake State Park, Captree State Park, Robert Moses State Park and Gilgo State Park.  Cedar Beach, Oak Beach and Overlook Beach are also found in Babylon.  

Villages in the Town of Babylon

Hamlets in the Town of Babylon

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