Day One Foundation's 3rd Annual Golf Outing

This charity event, hosted on September 8th at Woodside Acres Golf & Country Club, was held to benefit the Stony Brook Children's Hospital. All proceeds from this event were used to bring healthcare and educational ...

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Melville, NY - September 17, 2014 - On Sept. 8th, Day One Foundation hosted its 3rd Annual Golf Outing at Woodside Acres Golf & Country Club to raise proceeds for the Stony Brook Children’s Hospital.

This foundation was created to assist children and families that are economically deprived throughout the tri-state area. By hosting an annual golf event, Chairman Brian Travers and his committee are given the resources necessary to provide individuals at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital with better healthcare and educational opportunity. As a result of this year’s golf outing, $40,000 in proceeds will be matched by an anonymous donor for a total of $80,000 to be delivered to the Stony Brook Children’s Hospital.   
Brian Travers is strongly committed to this cause and is driven to support fellow community members. “It is truly inspiring to see how powerful philanthropic efforts can be in helping those less fortunate,” Travers said, “Thousands of children are being granted the future they never thought was possible.” 
Day One Foundation aims to continue its efforts by assisting the hospital’s task force members in the upcoming months. Through rigorous work ethic and drive to make a change in the world, the collaboration amongst the Day One Foundation, Stony Brook Children’s Hospital’s Task Force Committee, and community members will allow for a positive, everlasting impact on individuals who need help most.
About Day One Foundation, Inc.
Day One Foundation, Inc., was established in 2010 as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization in New York State. Through philanthropic outreach and methodical fundraising techniques, the foundation aims to assist economically deprived children and families through deliverance of healthcare and educational opportunity.