International Bacon Day is August 30th

The Saturday before Labor Day marks International Bacon Day, a day where everyone all over the world celebrates and consumes bacon. So, be sure to celebrate bacon this International Bacon Day.

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It seems that bacon is very popular with people internationally. Bacon is no longer a dish, but an art form. Bacon has been transposed into many different dishes. Some of the dishes are enjoyable, but some go over the top.

Some people just enjoy bacon with their eggs, but some enjoy the bacon in a cobb salad. Some adventurous people enjoy bacon in their ice cream, and some simple people enjoy bacon wrapped around a scallop. There are so many ways people have enjoyed bacon. Some people love the aroma and have bacon scented candles!

In anyway you enjoy your bacon, be sure to check out all these great restaurants with yummy and unique twists on bacon.

  • North Fork Bacon & Smokehouse - Wading River
    At this smokehouse, you can enjoy spiced candy bacon, bacon cheddar cornbread, or simply a grilled cheese with bacon.
  • Sage General Store - Long Island City
    This restaurant offers many great bacon options including a simple BLT, or a more adventurous cheddar biscuits with bacon marmalade, Tarte Flambe (which includes bacon), or brussels sprouts braised with bacon balsamic. 
  • Long Island Ale House - Medford
    Enjoy bacon in their appetizer sampler, in their ale house rolls, on their cheese fries, and on their burger.
  • The Good Life - Massapequa Park
    Enjoy this English pub's bacon inspired dishes ranging from Winston Hash, Mashed Potato Wontons, or on their burgers.

Have any other place that make a great bacon dish? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo by Arrowp via Free Images