Suffolk Police Officers Rescue Kitten from Lindenhurst Storm Drain

Officer Michael Casper was able to remove the kitten safely from the drain.

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Suffolk Police rescued a kitten from a Lindenhurst storm drain.

Photo by: Suffolk County Police Department

Suffolk County Police rescued a kitten that had fallen into a storm drain in Lindenhurst on Sunday, September 8.
First Precinct officers responded to Wellwood Avenue and Berry Street at approximately 11:15 a.m. after a 911 caller reported a kitten trapped in a storm drain. Officers discovered the kitten was located in a pipe between two drains, located on opposing corners and requested assistance from Emergency Service Section officers. 
Emergency Service Section Officers Michael Casper and David Katzen climbed into the drains and, using a leaf blower provided by a nearby resident, coaxed the kitten toward Officer Casper who was able to remove it safely from the drain.
A Good Samaritan transported the kitten to a veterinarian’s office for evaluation.