Zombie Home in Mastic Destroyed


Brookhaven Town demolished house that was subject to numerous complaints and violations.

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Councilman Dan Panico (left) and County Legislator Jim Mazzarella (right). Photo: Town of Brookhaven.

On Tuesday, August 24, the Town of Brookhaven demolished a vacant and abandoned zombie house at 108 Poospatuck Lane in Mastic.


The long-abandoned house was the source of resident complaints leading to numerous housing code violations. There were also a number of abandoned vehicles on the property that were towed away.


The house was taken down in accordance with Chapter 73 of the Town Code which provides a “fast track” to rid neighborhoods of unsafe structures. The cost of demolition and debris removal is the responsibility of the property owner, and the Town places a lien on the property that is then placed on the tax bill. Suffolk County reimburses the Town and then they collect the money from the property owner.


“Block by block, we are removing the blight and decay throughout Brookhaven Town, improving the quality of life and raising property values,” said Councilman Dan Panico. “It will be a great day when we can declare that there are no more demolitions to occur. We aren’t there yet, but I am confident we will get there.”