Governor: New York to Study Robots

The robots won’t be taking over anytime soon. Not if New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has anything to do with it.

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The governor's office recently announced the creation of a commission to study artificial intelligence and robotics. The goal is to figure out how the state can use these technologies to improve the public sector and possibly to regulate them.


“Artificial intelligence and automation are already having a profound impact across many industries and their influence keeps growing, so it's critical that we do everything in our power to understand their capabilities and potential pitfalls," Governor Cuomo said in a statement.



Artificial intelligence is already helping industries as diverse as fashion and healthcare create better products and improve outcomes. On robotics, the jury is still out. While many fear robots will take away jobs from people, a recent paper suggests that robots might even create more new jobs for their soft-skinned masters.


The State commission will look at how the technologies affect employment in New York, acquire and disclose people's personal information, and affect technology industries. It will also determine how it can be used by the public sector to enhance performance and services or may be used in unlawful or unsafe ways.


This review will include meetings with key stakeholder groups to understand the full landscape of AI, robotics and automation as emerging technologies within the business, nonprofit, academic and governmental sectors.  

There will be 13 members on the committee appointed by the governor, legislature and the chancellors of SUNY and CUNY.


The commission will report its findings and recommendations to the Governor and legislative leaders.