Long Island Singer Ann-dee Releases “Love Speak” Album


The music is alternative, electronic and eclectic, and has a basis in the jazz/rock genre.

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Glen Cove, NY - July 22, 2014 - Long Island singer Ann-dee’s follow-up album to “The Fabrique,” is called “Love Speak,” and she says it was conceived from the notion that love speaks in different ways to all of us and that love can be very right or very wrong.
The music is alternative, electronic and eclectic, and has a basis in the jazz/rock genre. The theme song, “Love Speak,” starts with a kind of “love babble” or vocal infatuation; the way lovers begin a romance with those awkward moments and lost words, with all of the uncertainties of the future.
The concept behind “I Don’t Know Why,” is a futuristic robot’s perspective and with an unrequited love point of view. The song combines a heavy metal and electronic dance sound.
“Crazy About You” has a rock and Latino percussion bongo influence combined with a Carlos Santana guitar sound, while “I Want To Get Away,” has more of a simple percussion element with an almost jazz-syncopated a capella sound. ” Also on the album, “I’ll Show You,” makes an alternative heavy metal statement in direct contrast to “Enjoy The Day,” with its pop sound, “Should I Stay,” with a more country/folk vibe or even “Kiss Me Now,” which is the most jazz-oriented piece. 
Ann-dee’s influences are eclectic as well, running the gamut from Tchaikovsky, Mozart and John Cage to Led Zeppelin and David Bowie. “I also admire the wonderful singing of the jazz greats, in particular, Sarah Vaughan. “ I remember my mom would be watching her perform on TV and call everyone in the room to watch her sing. My mother was a pianist and admired Sarah greatly. Sarah was an older woman then-but her voice was like a fine-tuned instrument.”
“First Date,” is more experimental with “Celestial Love,” and “You Give Me All Your Love,” as mainly instrumentals. “I had great fun doing this album, and I believe there’ll be at least one song for every listener to enjoy,” said Ann-dee.    The album was mastered by Fred Guarino at Tiki Recording Studios and will also be available on iTunes, Rhapsody and Amazon.  
More info on Ann-dee can be found on reverbnation.com/anndee.