Deer Park Woman Donated Kidney to Save Best Friend

Honored by the Town of Babylon with an award for her bravery.

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Photo: Town of Babylon.

Since she was a teenager, Eleanor Lalima, has been battling kidney disease, the same illness that took her mother and brother from her. Then recently, the woman who grew up in Deer Park was told by doctors that she needed a kidney transplant.


In any situation where a donor is needed, time is of the essence and Lalima knew that the wait time on a donor list would likely be years. She decided to take matters into her own hands and put out an urgent request on social media.


As it turned out Lisa Hentschel - her childhood best friend - ended up being a match. Lalima and Hentschel have been friends for 30 years and grew up together in Deer Park.


So, this May their friends both underwent successful transplant surgery at Stony Brook Hospital.


Recently, Babylon Town Councilman Terence McSweeney honored Hentschel by presenting her with a Heroism Award for her selfless act of bravery that helped save friend’s life.


According to a press release from the Town of Babylon, they are doing well.


Above photo: Town of Babylon. Left to right: Professor and Chairman of the Urology and Director of Kidney Transplantation Program at Stony Brook University Hospital Dr Wayne Waltzer, kidney recipient Eleanor Lalima, kidney donor and heroism award recipient Lisa Hentschel, Councilman Terence McSweeney, and Clinical/Medical Director of the Renal Transplantation Program at Stony Brook University Hospital Dr. Frank Darras.