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TROPICAL STORM ISAIAS MOVING NORTHWARD ALONG THE EAST COAST This product covers Southeast New York, Northeast New Jersey, and Southern Connecticut **TROPICAL STORM ISAIAS MOVING NORTHWARD ALONG THE EAST COAST** NEW INFORMATION --------------- * CHANGES TO WATCHES AND WARNINGS: - None * CURRENT WATCHES AND WARNINGS: - A Tropical Storm Watch is in effect for Bronx, Eastern Bergen, Eastern Essex, Eastern Passaic, Eastern Union, Hudson, Kings (Brooklyn), New York (Manhattan), Northeastern Suffolk, Northern Fairfield, Northern Middlesex, Northern Nassau, Northern New Haven, Northern New London, Northern Queens, Northern Westchester, Northwestern Suffolk, Richmond (Staten Island), Rockland, Southeastern Suffolk, Southern Fairfield, Southern Middlesex, Southern Nassau, Southern New Haven, Southern New London, Southern Queens, Southern Westchester, Southwestern Suffolk, Western Bergen, Western Essex, Western Passaic, and Western Union * STORM INFORMATION: - About 910 miles south-southwest of New York City NY or about 980 miles south-southwest of Montauk Point NY - 28.5N 79.8W - Storm Intensity 70 mph - Movement North-northwest or 345 degrees at 9 mph SITUATION OVERVIEW ------------------ Tropical Storm Isaias, located off the East-Central Florida coast will continue to move to the north-northwest, then turn due north late tonight. It will continue to move north on Monday along the Southeastern US Coast. Isaias will then weaken slowly as it accelerates and curves northeast over the Carolinas Tuesday morning, then over our area by Tuesday evening. Confidence is increasing with respect to the magnitude of local hazards and impacts. The main threats with this system are locally heavy rainfall, strong winds, minor to moderate coastal flooding, along with high surf and dangerous rip currents. Locally heavy rain is expected with a widespread 2 to 4 inches likely, with localized amounts up to 6 inches possible. The heavy rain is most likely to occur across western parts of the area from late Monday night through Tuesday night, and eastern sections Tuesday into Tuesday night. The strongest winds are likely to occur across coastal sections late in the day Tuesday into Tuesday evening. Dangerous marine conditions are likely across all of the coastal waters Tuesday and Tuesday night. High surf and dangerous rip currents are expected along the ocean beaches Monday through Wednesday. The effects from Tropical Storm Isaias are then expected to diminish quickly from southwest to northeast across the area late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. POTENTIAL IMPACTS ----------------- * FLOODING RAIN: Prepare for life-threatening rainfall flooding having possible extensive impacts across northeastern New Jersey, New York City and the Lower Hudson Valley. Potential impacts include: - Major rainfall flooding may prompt many evacuations and rescues. - Rivers and streams may rapidly overflow their banks in multiple places. Small streams, creeks, canals, and ditches may become dangerous rivers. Flood control systems and barriers may become stressed. - In hilly terrain, destructive runoff may run quickly down valleys, and increase susceptibility to rockslides and mudslides. - Flood waters can enter many structures within multiple communities, some structures becoming uninhabitable or washed away. Many places where flood waters may cover escape routes. Streets and parking lots become rivers of moving water with underpasses submerged. Driving conditions become dangerous. Many road and bridge closures with some weakened or washed out. * WIND: Prepare for hazardous wind having possible limited impacts across Southeast New York, Northeast New Jersey, and Southern Connecticut. Potential impacts include: - Damage to porches, awnings, carports, sheds, and unanchored mobile homes. Unsecured lightweight objects blown about. - Many large tree limbs broken off. A few trees snapped or uprooted, but with greater numbers in places where trees are shallow rooted. Some fences and roadway signs blown over. - A few roads impassable from debris, particularly within urban or heavily wooded places. Hazardous driving conditions on bridges and other elevated roadways. - Scattered power and communications outages. * SURGE: Prepare for locally hazardous surge having possible limited impacts across shoreline communities. Potential impacts in this area include: - Localized inundation of 1 to 2 feet with locally up to 3 feet possible with storm surge flooding mainly along immediate shorelines and in low lying spots, or in areas farther inland near where higher surge waters move ashore. - Sections of near shore roads and parking lots become overspread with surge water. Driving conditions dangerous in places where surge water covers the road. - Moderate beach erosion. Heavy surf also breaching dunes, mainly in usually vulnerable locations. Strong and frequent rip currents. - Minor to locally moderate damage to marinas, docks, boardwalks, and piers. A few small craft broken away from moorings. * TORNADOES: Prepare for a tornado event having possible limited impacts across Southeast New York, Northeast New Jersey, and Southern Connecticut. Potential impacts include: - The occurrence of isolated tornadoes can hinder the execution of emergency plans during tropical events. - A few places may experience tornado damage, along with power and communications disruptions. - Locations could realize roofs peeled off buildings, chimneys toppled, mobile homes pushed off foundations or overturned, large tree tops and branches snapped off, shallow rooted trees knocked over, moving vehicles blown off roads, and small boats pulled from moorings.

Former New York City Police Officer Convicted of Armed Robbery and Drug Trafficking Charges

Officer assigned to Harlem precinct committed armed robberies while on duty and in uniform in Queens, the Bronx, and Manhattan.

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Brooklyn, NY - June 19, 2014 - Earlier today, following a two-week trial, a federal jury in Brooklyn, New York, returned a guilty verdict against former New York City Police Officer Jose Tejada on charges of armed robbery conspiracy and narcotics distribution conspiracy. Tejada was a 17-year veteran of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) who, at the time of the robberies, was assigned to the 28th Precinct in Harlem. These charges arose out of the defendant’s commission of multiple robberies and attempted robberies in Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx in 2006 and 2007, some of which he committed while on duty and in uniform. When sentenced by United States District Judge John Gleeson, the defendant faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.
The defendant was previously convicted in November 2013, following a jury trial, of two counts of obstruction of justice for his role in helping other members of his robbery crew avoid arrest.
The verdict was announced by Loretta E. Lynch, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, James J. Hunt, Acting Special Agent in Charge, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), New York Division, and William J. Bratton, Commissioner of the New York City Police Department.
“Tejada dishonored his badge and his uniform when he crossed the line from cop to robber. Tejada and his crew targeted drug dealers, not to bring them to justice, but to steal their narcotics for their own profit. In the process, innocent citizens were terrorized and threatened,” stated United States Attorney Lynch. “We will continue to prosecute aggressively law enforcement officers who abuse their authority and violate the law.” Ms. Lynch expressed her thanks to the New York Drug Enforcement Task Force – comprising DEA special agents, NYPD officers, and New York State Police investigators – and the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Division, Police Impersonation Investigation Unit, which jointly led the investigation. The evidence presented at trial showed that Tejada participated in multiple armed robberies and attempted robberies, which netted thousands of dollars in cash and multiple kilograms of cocaine.
During an attempted robbery on Schley Avenue in the Bronx, Tejada, while on duty and in uniform, used his status as a police officer to demand and gain access to a private residence. The robbery crew mistakenly believed the residents to be drug dealers. In fact, the residents were a family of three, including a teenager, who had no involvement in drug dealing. Tejada and two others unsuccessfully searched the premises for drugs, while Tejada brandished his service weapon to intimidate the innocent family and attempted to handcuff a victim.
In a robbery on Broadway in Upper Manhattan, Tejada, NYPD officer Jorge Arbaje-Diaz, and NYPD Auxiliary officer Yvan Tineo pulled over a car, handcuffed the driver, and stole five kilograms of cocaine hidden inside the car.1 In another robbery on Seaman Avenue in Upper Manhattan, Tejada and Tineo robbed a drug supplier of three kilograms of cocaine at gunpoint.
Arbaje-Diaz was previously convicted of robbery conspiracy and narcotics distribution conspiracy, and was sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment. Tineo was previously convicted of robbery conspiracy, narcotics distribution conspiracy, and unlawful use of a firearm, and is awaiting sentencing.
In an incident at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, Tejada, Arbaje-Diaz, and Tineo staged the arrest of a corrupt airline employee who was part of a scheme to smuggle narcotics into the United States through incoming commercial flights. The corrupt airline employee wanted Tejada and others to pretend to arrest him at the arrivals terminal while he delivered a drug shipment to his confederates. This staged arrest yielded Tejada, Arbagje-Diaz, and Tineo at least five kilograms of cocaine.
The evidence at trial also showed that Tejada supplied members of the robbery crew with police equipment and paraphernalia to enable them to impersonate police officers.
In the November 2013 trial, the evidence showed that Tejada searched law enforcement databases to determine whether there were outstanding warrants for his own arrest, as well as for the arrest of other members of the robbery crew. Tejada then shared that information with his confederates in an effort to assist them in evading arrest.
Tejada’s conviction is the most recent of dozens of convictions in a set of interlocking cases brought in the Eastern District of New York against the members of violent drug robbery crews who impersonated police officers and frequently committed robberies with real officers. Tejada is the third NYPD officer to be convicted in these cases; two NYPD Auxiliary officers have been convicted as well. In total, 52 defendants have been convicted.
The government’s case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Alexander A. Solomon, Douglas M. Pravda, and Kenji M. Price.
The Defendant: 
Age: 46 
Mahopac, New York 
E.D.N.Y. Docket No. 08-CR-242 (JG)