Flood Watch for North & South Shore of Long Island for Thursday Through Saturday


For the second time this week, Long Island has been issued a Flood Watch by the National Weather Service.

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The National Weather Service has issued a Flood Watch for Long Island - just the most recent of the serious weather conditions that have been experienced locally over the past few weeks. The Flood Watch goes in effect tomorrow morning at 8 AM, and will stay in effect through Saturday morning at 8 AM.

Although today's outlook is sunny, Long Island can expect heavy rains for most of Thursday and Friday, which is why the Watch has been issued, and thankfully the weather is supposed to clear up for the weekend.

According to the National Weather Service, a Flood Watch is issued because based on the current forecasts, there is a potential for flooding in our area. It is recommended that anyone located by the water, or on a low lying property should pay close attention to the forecast updates, and be prepared to take action, should serious flooding develop.

For the most up to date weather information, head over to the LongIsland.com Weather Center, where you can get the latest forecasts, weather advisories, and more.

[Source: National Weather Service]