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Lame Duck Status Means the Tuna Watch is on

Coughlin Gets One More Shot with Bill Waiting in the Wings Timing is everything. The Giants announce that head coach Tom Coughlin will return next season and before the ink is dry on the tabloid ...

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Coughlin Gets One More Shot with Bill Waiting in the Wings

Timing is everything. The Giants announce that head coach Tom Coughlin will return next season and before the ink is dry on the tabloid back page, Bill Parcells becomes available. With the finger-pointing mess Big Blue's locker room was throughout most of the season, a pseudo-disciplinarian such as Coughlin pales in comparison to Parcells.

Although the Parcells from this past season may have seemed a toned down, meeker version of the Tuna we all know and love. Terrell Owens may have been the reason why Parcells announced his retirement, and who can blame him? Behind closed doors, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones may have 'sweetened the pot' when he signed the controversial wide receiver and convinced Parcells to give it a try. T.O was everything he was expected to be, and worse. He was a disaster with an alleged suicide attempt; flare ups on the sideline, questioning his coaching staff, and making statements to the media that made a bad situation worse. And to top it off, he dropped a ton of passes.

We may never know what happened once the Cowboys' season came to a bitter end with the botched go-ahead field goal attempt against the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Wild Card playoff game. Mere speculation, but Jones may have offered Parcells a little 'bonus' if he came back to the sideline. Parcells could have said that it was either him or T.O., which had to make Jones give it some thought. It looks like he made the wrong choice. There isn't a bigger sheriff in football than Parcells. If he couldn't shut Owens' mouth, then it may be a lost cause.

The situation in Dallas was not a total disaster. The team just came off an improved season with a playoff berth. They have a young quarterback that may be closer to stardom than obscurity, a strong two-headed running back combination, and ...T.O. Even with him, it still wasn't the Siberia of the league, such as Arizona or Detroit.

If Parcells decides to come back to the coaching ranks, there are many reasons why the Giants are a good place to look. They also have a young quarterback that is still trying to find himself. Perhaps some chiding from the Tuna will put an expression on Eli Manning's face, unlike the straight face that he sports after a pick or a first down. Peyton's younger brother can get a few tips from Phil Simms, who took more than his share of earfuls from Parcells and became a better player because of it.

The G-Men may have lost Tiki Barber to television land, but Brandon Jacobs is no slouch in the backfield. There are two players on the roster that may remind Parcells of Owens, and they are tight end Jeremy Shockey and wideout Plaxico Burress. There is some history between Shockey and Parcells that took place in the media, but the flamboyant blonde will have to realize the boss is the boss if they find themselves on the same side.

Parcells still resides in New Jersey and would probably give some thought of a return to the place of his greatest coaching moments if the opportunity arises. Coughlin is a disciple of Parcells and there would be no chatter of this until there is an opening. But if that is the case, expect the speculation to turn into more than just that.