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Fly High at Long Island's I. FLY Trapeze

Run away and join the circus this summer with trapeze school

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Ready to run away and join the circus? From flying trapeze to juggling, one school on Long Island will help you perfect your skills to do just that.


I.FLY Trapeze is Long Island's only recreational flying trapeze and circus arts school for all ages.


If you want to really get in tune with your flying abilities, I.FLY has six to eight-week workshops where you can learn all the tips and tricks to perfecting your flying ability on the trapeze.


They even have their own summer camp where kids spend a week at I.FLY Trapeze building confidence, unlocking hidden talents and discovering the circus. Activities include flying trapeze, aerial trapeze (as well as lyra and silks), juggling, ground acrobatics and circus comedy.


"Lots of people tend to be hesitant flying trapeze, there is a fear involved," said president/co-owner Anthony Rosamilia. "Everybody thinks it's high or maybe even unsafe, but the truth of the matter is everybody is in safety belts, in safety lines, over a safety net, in the hands of an instructor the whole time. Very safe, very encouraging environment, and the truth is if you think you can do it, you could, all you got to do is come out and try."


You can sign up online for a session at their Eisenhower Park or Long Beach location for just $65.