Surf's Up: Visit These LI Spots for the Best Surfing

From experience surfers to newbies, take advantage of Long Island's 118 miles of ocean-facing coastline

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Lido Beach 

Long Beach 

About a mile and a half east of Lincoln Boulevard, Lido offers quieter surroundings and two good-size surfing zones for beginners. However, when an east or southeast swell hits, the beach gets the fast, hollow, A-frame waves that experienced surfers dream about. The crowds can get increasingly large during the summer months, but rent a board earlier enough and you’ll get plenty of time to enjoy the waves. 


Gilgo Beach


Gilgo is home to some of the biggest East Coast surfing lovers and is the perfect spot for late summer and fall/winter surfing. The waves cater to surfers of all skill levels and have a fun beach break that wall up nicely and barrel with good conditions. But be sure to wear a wetsuit—the water is known to be screeching cold all year round.


Robert Moses State Park

Fire Island

For a less crowded beach, Robert Moses is the place to go. However, you’ll have to hold out until later in the summer for the best waves—Fire Island’s surf season is late summer to early fall. With more than 10 miles of beach offering designated surfing areas. You and your buddies can spread out and enjoy the ride without overcrowding. 


Beach 92nd


As Rockaway’s main surfing beach, Beach 92nd tends to get pretty crowded on summer afternoons. While it is the most popular, the waves at 92nd are super challenging and recommended for advanced surfers. 


Ditch Plains


For the most consistent surf out east, Ditch Plains is the place to go. You’ll find the locals specifically at Terrace Beach, but be sure to get here early in the summer months—parking may be easy right on the dunes, but fills up fast during peak season.




This spot is tricky to surf at if you don’t know someone from Southampton, but if you land yourself a way in on a solid surf day, it truly is some of the best surfing on Long Island. We recommend planning in advance and you may score a parking pass, but be ready to shell out some serious cash for it—remember, you are in the heart of the Hamptons during peak season.


For gear or rentals, visit out list of local surf shops here