The Suffolk County Hockey League: Adults Sports Stationed on Long Island

If you are looking for a fun new sport to learn, a new and exciting way to stay fit this summer, or just looking for a social activity in your community? The Suffolk County Hockey ...

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Summer always creates resolutions whether it be working out, trying a new activity, or getting more socially involved with your community. All of these are made available to you right here on Long Island by the Suffolk County Hockey League, offering a fun learning experience for adults looking to have some fun, and play some hockey! Players of all skill levels are welcome to join SCHL as their new summer season begins - here’s the scoop:

Starting on June 1st, and running until the second week August, SCHL welcomes adults at all levels of experience to hit the ice -  there is no need to worry about being a beginner or an expert hockey player. Everyone is guaranteed to get something out of this hockey league, which offers team placement in Divisions
B,C,D and E, to accommodate players of all skill levels.

SCHL encourages adults to participate and can work out any schedule with you, making it easy for all adults interested to join without forfeiting any part of your busy week - all of the games take place on evenings and weekends, making it quite convenient to work into any schedule. Games are played in the center of Hauppauge at the Rinx Ice Rink. With an easy commute and location, flexible scheduling and openness to all levels of expertise, it is not hard to see why so many support and flock to join this sport organization.

The summer months come along with the usual sports and activities in mind, swimming, volleyball and now, you can add hockey to that list. The Suffolk County Hockey League offers a new hobby, a great workout and a new sport to learn this summer.

For More Information, Please Contact:
Michael Governara

To register a team or a player for the upcoming season, click here!