Senator Ken LaValle: Senior Citizens Fully Supported in the New State Budget

LaValle: "Senior citizens have made indelible contributions to our lives and communities."

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Photo by: pasja1000

Long Island, NY - April 6, 2018 - Senator Ken LaValle detailed aspects of the newly approved NY State Budget that will benefit seniors. Senator Ken LaValle said, “Senior citizens have made indelible contributions to our lives and communities. They continue to contribute in many ways, and we need to make sure they are provided with assistance to continue to live on Long Island near their families. Additionally, I will continue to fight to pass my legislation to cap property school taxes for those 70 years and older (S3195). ”
According to Senator LaValle, the NY State budget highlights for seniors include:
  • Fully Funding the EPIC Program: This year’s budget fully funds New York’s vital Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) program at $132.6 million to cover the prescription drug needs of our seniors.
  • Delivering Property Tax Relief: The State’s Enhanced STAR school tax relief program for seniors
  • Secure Choice Savings Program will help more people to take control of their future, helping them grow savings so they can handle the rising cost of health care and basic needs. It would create an optional payroll deduction Roth (post-tax contributions) IRA, or Individual Retirement Account, for private sector employees whose employers choose to offer it. The program will be optional for employers and employees.
Other Senior-focused programs and initiatives:
  • $50 million for the Expanded In-home Services for the Elderly Program;
  • $31 million for Community Services for the Elderly Program;
  • $27 million for Alzheimer’s & other dementia related programs;
  • $27 million for the Wellness in Nutrition Program;
  • $250,000 for Older Adults Technology Services;
  • $86,000 for the New York Foundation for Seniors Home Sharing and Respite;
  • $32,000 for the Senior Action Council Hotline.
  • Stopping Elder Abuse: New York’s longstanding commitment to protecting vulnerable senior citizens from abuse continues in this year’s budget by providing $1.2 million to support elder abuse prevention initiatives.
  • Making RESTORE Permanent: The budget continues $1.4 million for this initiative that assists low-income, elderly homeowners eliminate unsafe conditions in their home.