VIDEO: Senator Brooks Questions NYSED Commissioner Elia at Education Budget Hearing

Brooks: "We must adapt to this new climate by finding innovative ways to fund things like education."

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Senator John E. Brooks.

Photo by: Office of Senator John E. Brooks, via YouTube.

Albany, NY - January 31, 2018 - Today, State Senator John Brooks questioned New York State Education Department (NYSED) Commissioner Mary Ellen Elia on how changes to the federal tax plan and the new cap on SALT deductions will affect how NYS funds education. He also asked how NYSED plans to adapt to significant mid-year increases in enrollment in certain school districts.
After the hearing, Brooks said, “We must adapt to this new climate by finding innovative ways to fund things like education. On Long Island and across the state, there are some school districts where taxpayers are funding upwards of 75% of the cost of education through property taxes.  We must do and think differently to avoid the destructive effects that the Trump tax plan will have on Long Islanders and protect our children’s right to a quality education.”
Commissioner Elia echoed Senator Brooks’ concerns that the legislature should revisit how New York State funds education, concurring with the senator that recent changes at the federal level will necessitate a reevaluation on the state level.
Currently school districts on Long Island are primarily funded through property taxes, resulting in Long Islanders disproportionately contributing more to education funding than nearly any other region in the state. Senator Brooks has been a staunch advocate for a reevaluation of how New York State funds education, and is committed to working towards finding innovative solutions to fully fund education and reduce property taxes.