Hip New Food Joint Hangry Opens in New Hyde Park


Unique art and satisfying hunger are the themes here.

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Photo: Hangry Facebook page.

Newly opened (they haven’t even had time to put their menu online yet), Hangry seeks to satisfy the urge in everyone for a good, quick meal and tame the voracious beast of hunger. Mostly a takeout place, there are a few tables to enjoy the food and take in the artwork decorating the walls.


The restaurant doesn’t pigeonhole itself into one style offering pizza as well as sandwiches, including hot dogs.


Yelp reviews have been all positive so far.


Abid M. from Kew Gardens commented on the interior design first in his review.


“The amount of thought effort and work that was put into this build is amazing,” he wrote. “I don't want to give away too much because you have to see it for yourself. New Hyde park needed this! A hip chill spot to eat with amazing food.”


Pizza was definitely front and center, and he said that after speaking with the chef he walked away feeling the passion for the food, like art.

Sajal B. from New Hyde Park noted the unique hand-painted art on the walls giving it high marks for ambiance, food and service.


“It's also serving 100% Halal meat,” he wrote.


Location: 725 Hillside Avenue, New Hyde Park, (516) 629-7102.