New Year's Resolutions: Books and More From Your Library

The holidays are a time of hope, peace and joy but can also be a time of overindulgence, at the tail end of a less-than-highly disciplined year, hence the quaint custom of New Year's Resolutions. ...

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The holidays are a time of hope, peace and joy but can also be a time of overindulgence, at the tail end of a less-than-highly disciplined year, hence the quaint custom of New Year's Resolutions.

Resolving to visit, and become active, in your local public library programs would be a pretty good start to 2002. Here are some of the books you will find, in your public library, to inspire you:

The art of the fresh start: how to make and keep your New Year's resolutions for a lifetime. Glenna Salsbury.
The book of change: making life better. Cyndi Haynes.
Build your own life brand! : A powerful strategy to maximize your potential and enhance your value for ultimate achievement. Stedman Graham.
In my wildest dreams: living the life you long for. Gail Blanke.
Reach for the summit: the definite dozen system for succeeding at whatever you do. Pat Summitt with Sally Jenkins.

If diet and weight control are your areas of concern, you might try the Tufts University Nutrition Navigator ( The Nutrition Navigator is the first online rating and review guide that solves the two major problems Web users have when seeking nutrition information: how to quickly find information best suited to their needs and whether to trust the information they find there. The Nutrition Navigator is designed to help you sort through the large volume of nutrition information on the Internet and find accurate, useful nutrition information you can trust. This site has been developed by the Tufts University School of Nutrition Science and Policy and all weblinks within it have been reviewed by the Tufts University Nutrition Advisory Board. You won't find any 'quick fixes' here, but the information is generally accurate and reliable.

Is exercise key to your resolutions this year? One of the sites recommended by Tufts Nutrition Navigator is Nutricise ( Although it's a commercial site, Tufts rates it as 19 out of 25, better than most competing sites: "Nutricise encourages consumers to meet their fitness goals with advice on how to start and stay with a sensible diet and exercise program. The articles found in the "Diet & Weight Loss" section cover topics such as why diets don't work and how to make smart food choices on the road, at the movies, and in restaurants." For a less flashy site, with great information on exercise and calorie-burning, try the Consumer Information Center in Pueblo, Colorado (

If cleaning out the clutter in your life has reached critical mass, Heloise (daughter of the original) has a room-by-room guide to eliminating clutter on her webpage (, while The OrganizedHome ( website even offers a 'declutter journal' with articles on: The Clutter Within: Beating Your Internal Clutter Monster and Where to Begin Decluttering.

To help you quit smoking, MedlinePlus
has links to National Institutes of Health, American Heart Association and Mayo Clinic Foundation. The Centers for Disease Control "You Can Quit Smoking" consumer guide even has 800 numbers, so that you can talk to a real person for advice and encouragement.

If general wellness is your goal Healthfinder ( or MedlinePlus ( are sites with reliable and practical information. The key here is reliable and practical consumer health information. These sites give you information on conditions, diseases and wellness, plus a medical encyclopedia, information on generic and brand name drugs, links to

As we know, so much of the information available on the Internet is unreliable, and often offered merely to sell you a quick fix for your problem. Staying within the sites listed here give you a good shot at finding accurate and unbiased information.

Before you commence any exercise program or diet regime, check with you personal physician for the best guidance and advice. For books, audiocassettes, videos, Cds and/or DVDs on these topics, visit your local library. The librarians will be delighted to help you find further reliable and practical information.

Have a Happy, Healthy, and Decluttered New Year!