Jets Will Bench Sanchez on Sunday, Start McElroy

Sources say the Jets may be looking to trade the former starting QB.

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The Jets’ quarterback drama continues as coach Rex Ryan announced his intention to start back-up Greg McElroy in Sunday’s game against the San Diego Chargers. McElroy replaced Sanchez in the third quarter against Arizona, leading the team to a 7-6 victory in what ended up being one of the sloppiest games played all year. Sanchez still started the next two games after that, but with the Jets officially out of the playoff hunt, they are looking past their once-upon-a-time franchise quarterback.

Sources are saying that the Jets will “explore all options” when it comes to Sanchez’s future with the organization. With an $8.25 million contract hanging in the air, it will be interesting to see what they do as the season comes to a close and leads into the offseason. Sanchez currently has a 54.8 completion percentage this year with 24 turnovers, and his career quarterback rating is at 72.0.

The Jets still have to examine their options when it comes to the inexperienced Greg McElroy. McElroy may have scored the only touchdown during the Arizona game, but that is hardly enough evidence to declare him a franchise quarterback. With very few quarterback options in the upcoming draft, the Jets will most likely have to make some trades in the upcoming months if they plan on ditching Sanchez.

There is still one more player mixed up in all of this; remember Tim Tebow? The former starting quarterback from Denver was picked up by the Jets in March, and has basically been a non-factor in their offensive game plan. As of now, it seems very unlikely that Tebow will return next season, and many fans are scratching their heads as to why they picked him up in the first place.

Of course, quarterbacks aren’t the only New York Jets that will be watching out for their jobs in the offseason. The jobs of coach Rex Ryan, offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, and general manager Mike Tannenbaum are all facing uncertainty.

Regardless of the quarterback controversy, Jets fans will for now just have to deal with a disappointing season, and can still rely on the old saying: “there’s always next year.”



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