Life Lessons Learned in 2012

Today is the last day of school for the year 2012 for children all across Long Island. It is a time to reflect.

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As a parent, I am feeling such heartbreak over last Friday's massacre in Connecticut. Sandy Hook Elementary could have been a school on our Island.  We need to send our love across the Sound to our grieving neighbors.

Dear Newtown,

In your children's honor I've been hugging my children more often, tighter and longer than ever before. I've been letting the petty annoyances and grievances slide -- I've been appreciating and enjoying every fleeting moment so much more than I did before. None of this will bring your children back or ease your pain, but their lives meant something and had an impact on us all. Sending you love and light, peace and comfort.


The Newtown Post Office has set up a special PO Box to recieve Condolence Letters for the community - click here for details on how you can send them your well wishes.


Today is the last day of school for the year 2012 for children all across Long Island.  It is a time to reflect.  Sure there are so many lists that come out at the end of the year.  I try to take every opportunity to make everyday life into life lessons for my kids. 

Here is my personal list of what I thought was important in 2012:

  • Giants win the Super Bowl! 
    I went out at 5AM to buy the official winning shirts so my kids could wear them to school.  When will the Monday after been made into a holiday?
  • Record high temperatures
    No snow or snowball fights this year.  Discussion about global warming.
  • Shootings in Aurora and Sandy Hook Elementary
    Gun control is important, and needs to be a topic of discussion for the nation.
  • The pageantry of Summer Olympics in London. 
  • Superstorm Sandy -   Lessons in coping without the creature comforts and price gouging.
  • 2012 Presidential Election
    Lots of discussion about mud slinging.  Our local race for Congressman was particularly nasty. 
  • NHL Lockout. 
    The coolest game on ice has been frozen out due to greed.
  • End of Twinkies. 
    Not our favorite dessert, but sad to see them go.


Let's hope for a happy, healthy and pro$perous 2013!