Festive Table Setting Ideas for Your Holiday Gathering


Wow your guests with these festive holiday table settings!

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The holidays are fast approaching which means now is the time to start working out the finer details of your holiday gathering. As family and friends come together during the holidays to catch up, give thanks and exchange gifts they also come together to marvel at your beautiful home! The part of the home that really steals the show though is the dinner table. A holiday dinner table can easily be transformed from ordinary to extraordinary with just a few simple additions, like cute name cards or festive place settings. Haven’t even gotten around to thinking about your holiday dinner table setting yet? No worries! Make a quick trip out to your local craft store and your holiday table will be dressed to the nines in no time with these simple, savvy DIY holiday table settings.

Stocking Stuffed Silverware
This table setting idea is not only super simple, but it is also super cute. All you need is mini-stockings, the same amount as people you invited over, and your chosen silverware. Put out the napkins first then place the mini-stocking on the napkin and slide the silverware nicely into the stocking. They’ll keep everyone’s silverware together and make a festive statement on your dinner table.

Cinnamon Stick Candles
This perfect-for-the-season candle doesn’t only look fantastic, it smells fantastic. For this project you’ll need a large, thick candle, a hot glue gun, cinnamon sticks to cover the outside and twine. Use your glue gun to adhere cinnamon sticks to the outside of your glass candle holder, as many or little as you think aesthetically pleasing. Then wrap a strand of twine around the cinnamon sticks and make a nice bow.

Star of David Napkin Sitters
The Star of David will shine bright with this craft on your holiday table. For this project you’ll need silver paint, a hot glue gun, a small paint brush and popsicle sticks, specifically 6 popsicle sticks for each table setting. Paint your popsicle sticks silver then let dry. Once dry make 2 triangles out of your 6 popsicle sticks and hot glue the corners together. Next place one silver triangle over the other upside down making a star and glue in place. If you’d like you can even add a string so your guest can take them home and hang them!

Jingle Bell Wine Glasses
Don’t let your guests jingle all the way home with these adorable wine glasses. For this project all you need is a package of jingle bells, holiday themed ribbon that’s not too thick and your own wine glasses. Thread your jingle bell through the ribbon then tie around the stem of your wine glass position the jingle bell in a good spot and voila!

Candy Cane Centerpiece
This striped centerpiece makes a great addition to any holiday table. All you need is a short vase that’s even on all sides and shorter than the candy canes, enough candy canes to cover the vase, a hot glue gun, red ribbon and flowers to put inside. Heat up your glue gun and apply candy canes to the outside of your vase. Once dry add a red ribbon around it. Lastly add your flowers and place in the middle of the table.