Terrific Thanksgiving Table Place Settings: For the Grown-Up’s Table and the Kid’s Table


Make your Thanksgiving dinner table a festive sight to behold with these creative place setting ideas!

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Thanksgiving is almost here which means it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to be setting the table for your big holiday dinner! There are so many different ways you can set the table. You can use creative name cards, incorporate festive Fall motifs, and specialize the set up just for the kid’s table. Here is a collection of creative craft ideas for your special Thanksgiving Day table setting, including activities for the little ones!

For the Grown-Up's Table

Put together a simple Fall-themed napkin ring by using twine, and wheat. Start by placing your silverware in the napkin. Place a few pieces of loose wheat in the middle of the napkin then use the twine to make a bow and secure them. You can also incorporate brown kraft paper gift tags! Write out each guest’s name nicely on a gift tag then put that on the twine before you tie it into a bow.

Use leaves right from your own backyard to create festive seating cards! Start off by heading outside to gather colorful leaves. Now, break out some dark brown or black card stock to use as the seating card itself and a silver sharpie to inscribe the names of your guests. Next use a pair of scissors to cut a notch into your place card. Then slide the leaves at funny angles into the notches. It should look like they just blew in!

Go all natural with this tasty walnut table setting. For this table setting you’ll need walnuts, cardstock and a fine tipped silver or gold sharpie, depending on which color goes best with your décor. Cut your cardstock into a flag shape and write out your guest’s name on the flag. Then stick the flag into the opening of your walnut. Set them out and watch your guests go nuts for these walnut place cards!

For the Kid's Table

Set craft paper down on the kid’s table instead of a table cloth and arrange crayons, Thanksgiving themed stickers, colored pencils and leaf confetti on top of the craft paper. You’ve now turned the kid’s table into an art project! Let the kids doodle to their heart’s delight and decorate the table in fun Fall & Thanksgiving motifs!

Turn plain kid’s cups into Mayflower lookalike cups! For this nautical craft all you need is cups, straws, white foam and a single hole punch. Cut out square shapes from the white foam and angle the sides with a pair of scissors, making the foam look like the sail of a ship, into a trapezoid. Thread the foam onto the straw and each kid will have their very own Mayflower cup!

Let the kids make their own turkey place cards! Before sitting down to dinner occupy the kids with a turkey place card craft. You’ll need pinecones, colored construction paper, glue, googly eyes, and pompons. You can find these supplies at local Long Island craft stores. Each child should get 2 pinecones, 4 googly eyes, 2 pompons and construction paper to choose from. Start by having the kids make a tracing of their hand. Cut out the tracing and write, “I am thankful for…” on the tracing. Next have the kids write what they are thankful for on slips of construction paper. Stick the hand tracing into the pine cone layers and glue on a pompon to act as the head, the googly eyes, and a small triangle of construction paper as the beak. Do the same to the other pinecone except this time they will be sticking in the slips of paper saying what they are thankful for to act as the turkey’s feathers instead of the hand tracing. Once all dried they can set them down at the spot the want to sit!

How will you be setting your Thanksgiving dinner table this year? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo by Diane Miller via Free Images