Survival Tips and Tricks for Holiday Travel

Getting where you need to go for the holidays can be chaotic, but with these tips you can save on stress as you prepare to get to your destination.

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Hanukkah and Christmas are only a few weeks away, which means if you’re one of the many people planning on visiting friends or family for the holidays that you’re going to be dealing with the holiday traveling process very soon. The holidays can be an extremely stressful and chaotic time to travel. So many people traveling at the same time, long lines bustling with crowds of people and of course the addition stress of the holidays in general, even without accounting for travel. This year save on stress with these helpful tips and tricks for getting you up in the air and on your way to your holiday destination.

Book Early and Save: Your best bet when it comes to booking flights is to book early! Plan as early as possible to get the best possible deal and then you have more money left over to do fun things while you’re away, or to spend on Christmas gifts! If you’ve already waited too long to get a good deal then sometimes waiting until the morning of the holiday to see if better deals are available is the way to go.

Do Your Research: Somewhere in between purchasing your plane tickets and beginning the packing process you should check on the TSA website to brush up on the 3-1-1 Liquids Rule and see what items are okay for carry on and which ones are prohibited.

Pack Light: If you can pack light you should. Pack light then you don’t even have to check a bag. Sticking with just a carry on means you don’t have to wait on those long lines to check your bags and you don’t have to worry about your luggage getting lost. Also, if you over pack you can be charged more money to check your bag. Just think, the less you pack the less you have to lug around!

Ask a Friend For a Lift: Parking fares at airports can get expensive, as can car service to and from the airport. This time instead of driving yourself to the airport or paying a car service company, ask a friend, a spouse, or a relative to drop you off. You’ll save stress by not driving yourself, and money!

Leave Yourself Time to Spare: Though this may sound obvious, during the holidays when the airports get super chaotic and crowded it is especially important that you get there with plenty of time to spare. You’ll need time that extra time to check your bags, go through security and find your gate. Get there early and you’ll secure yourself a good seat in the terminal too!

Photo by Pablo Barrios via Free Images