Get Creative This Holiday Season With Your Elf on the Shelf for Some Serious Holiday Fun

Keep your Elf on the Shelf active with antics this year by checking out these creative ideas!

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Created in 2004 by Carol Aebersold and daughter Chanda Bell, The Elf on the Shelf story has certainly come a long way in the last ten years or so. It has quickly become a beloved holiday tradition that is looked forward to by children all across the United States. Plus, parents get to have some fun too coming up with creative scenarios for their child’s Elf on the Shelf!

Let your Elf on the Shelf enjoy some wintertime fun by making a “snow” angel in flour, baking powder, or sugar! Photo by Instagram User User @christenasprimarypassion.
According to the story, Santa decides to send scout elves out to keep an eye on all of the boys and girls. Then, after each day is down, the elf flies back to the North Pole to give Santa a full report before the family wakes up each morning. The elf then returns from the North Pole, but this time, in a different hiding spot! 
Let your Elf on the Shelf “help out” with putting up the holiday decorations and trimmings! Photo by Instagram user @ninamariaw.
Planning on participating in this now holiday tradition but need some ideas? Here are a few creative situations to get your Elf on the Shelf into this holiday season!
Equip your Elf on the Shelf with a fishing pole, tackle and a few floaty friends to see what your elf can catch! Photo by Instagram User @chelsenichole.
Swing life away by creating an easy-to-make swing for your elf out of the cardboard part of a toilet paper roll and some string! Photo by Instagram User @hannahandtheminibeasts.
Encourage your Elf on the Shelf to stay fit and healthy by sticking with a workout regimen! Photo by Instagram User @b.transformed.
Create a camping spread for your elf to enjoy along with marshmallows to make s’mores! Photo by Instagram User @jenwilke77.