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Protect Yourself from Unwanted Energies

by Gary M. Spolansky, MBA/RMT Each day the frequencies of light that we experience rise in vibration. As these energies grow, they increasingly encourage the releasing of old fears and experiences that have kept us ...

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Gary M. Spolansky, MBA/RMT

Each day the frequencies of light that we experience rise in vibration. As these energies grow, they increasingly encourage the releasing of old fears and experiences that have kept us chained to the realities of the past. However, this growth brings with it a new reality - that we are not as removed from the effect of negative energies as we thought we were. This new awareness has resulted in a need to more fully protect ourselves not only from the thoughts and intentions focused towards us but just as importantly the energies that have been put out in a more diffuse and random manner - energies of fear, hate, hurt, bigotry, disappointment, intolerance, etc. In fact, these random energies include any and all that are not of love and do not serve the highest good.

Although I have been aware of the effect of these energies it has become more and more obvious to me over the last few months. I had begin to find myself growing unusually tired and worn out form the healing work I do - and didn't know why. My initial thoughts were that it was the result of the changing energetic times and it was the unavoidable result of going against the societal grain seeking to help change mass consciousness.. Then I started thinking maybe I'm working too hard, not getting enough sleep, etc. I believe there was a degree of that which contributed to my tiredness but not enough to account for how tired I felt. A dear friend of mine Cheryl Lazarus, is an excellent energy healer and spiritual counselor
She talked to me about paying more attention to the ways I protected myself when I worked with clients, went out to the malls, drove on the parkways, etc. She made some great suggestions and I would like to pass them along to you.

Whether you work in a large corporation, a store, small business, at home or anything in between - each of us are the recipients of many focused and unfocused thoughts throughout the day. They come from those we work with from friends family and even complete strangers - not just here but from all around the world. These energies are expressed through the moods and fears of each of us. Regardless if they are spoken or unspoken, every thought has an effect on each of us. Perhaps you've heard the expression "If a butterfly flaps its wings in China it create a hurricane half way around the world. The same is true with thoughts and feelings. Remember, each thought, positive or negative is a vibration that effects us on numerous levels - many of which are beneath our immediate conscious notice.

Below are some suggestions that can help you to release the various energies that we've taken on or have attached themselves to us. Try each technique and use the one(s) that feel right to you as frequently as you feel necessary. I believe you will begin to notice a difference almost immediately and that difference will grow as you continue this practice.

Suggestion # 1

As discussed earlier, we are constantly being bombarded by the energies of others throughout the day. Periodically throughout the day, call upon your Higher Self and ask that the energies you have taken on that are not yours and do not serve your highest good be cleared, released and set free as it serves your highest good. Do this also at night to cleanse away the negative energy of the day and/or before sleep. Another good practice would be to use this statement while you are showering and let the flowing water of the shower wash the energetic debris away.

If you work in any capacity that puts you in the role of a caretaker, its even more important for you to use this practice as its even easier than usual to take on another's energy - because our desire to assist and heal is so strong we sometimes take on more than we realized. In effect, our good intentions backfire. So take a moment after each situation to cleanse yourself of unwanted energies.

Suggestion #2

Use this next statement for when you clear or release a fear, issue, trauma, experience, etc., "I call upon God and my Higher Self and ask that you fill any and all spaces within my being, that have been cleared of energetic debris by this process - with the highest, most refined light that serves my highest good".

The purpose of this request is to fill those spaces that have been cleared with an energy that can resist the negative energies that surround us. This will help you to stay more present and focused with less need to expend additional energies clearing areas that have already been cleared.

Suggestion # 3

When going to sleep at night, call upon God
and your Higher Self and ask to be surrounded in the highest, most refined energies of light as it serves your highest good. This will protect you while you sleep from energies that are not supportive to you and are of a lower vibration.

Suggestion #4
We are now able to visit the cities of light that have been established in the 5th dimension while we sleep. Visiting these cities during sleep or in meditation will enable you to receive new insights and understanding that will help you grow on all levels of your being. You may also find that you will sleep better and awaken more energized and refreshed. To visit these special places use this statement before you go to sleep - "I call upon my Higher Self and my Spirit Guides and ask that I be transported to the city of light most appropriate for me while I sleep as it serves my highest good.

You may note that I use the statement as it serves the highest good or as it serves my highest good in each of the suggestions above. The reason for this is that when you intend that an action be for your highest good, that is exactly what will occur. There can be no other result. Your intention creates your reality and the conscious choice to ask for the highest good does two things - 1) It invokes cosmic law so that only the highest good can come forth.
2) It opens the door for actions and energies to be brought forth that we might not have considered or even known we could utilize for ourselves and others as well. These actions and energies are brought through to us by our Higher Self, Guides, Ascended Masters, as appropriate. It is obviously difficult for us to have a full understanding of the many energies, frequencies, tools and methods available to us to assist our needs. The higher aspects of ourselves have much greater knowledge and access than we do, so why not step back and leave the driving to them :)

Suggestion #5

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF's) are constantly bombarding us from the many devices that we use everyday. For example, computers, T.V.'s, radio, cell phones, microwave oven's, cordless phones, wi-fi and many more. The effect of these EMF's is a gradual, but increasingly deteriorating energy field and overall physical health. My suggestion is that as soon as possible, purchase some form of an EMF inhibitor product to protect you from these unseen but highly destructive energies. Although I do not have a lot of knowledge in this area you can check out this website They sell a product called the rejuvenator which I purchased and found to be very helpful in screening out EMF's. If you'd like to know more about this product, feel free to contact me.

Until you can purchase the necessary technology, here is a way you can start protecting yourself right now. Simply call upon your Higher Self and ask it to create a barrier around you and on all levels of your being, that inhibits these energies from disturbing your energetic fields. This is something that if you ask for periodically through out the day, you will begin to see your energy levels increase and your sense of self become more pronounced.

I hope these suggestions are beneficial to you and if you feel comfortable - share them with your friends and family. You will be doing them a true service.

Until next month, Be Well.