Christmas Tree Trimmings & Tidings: Where To Go On Long Island To Pick Your Own Tree

Find the perfect pine for your pad at a Long Island tree farm!

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Thanksgiving is over which means it’s time to trade in those turkeys and pumpkins for holiday decorations like wreaths, adorable snowmen, twinkling lights, and of course, the star of the show, the Christmas tree. While some people prefer purchasing pre-made decorated trees, or easily assembled live tree reproductions, many people also enjoy and look forward to the after Thanksgiving tradition of picking out their own live Christmas tree.

Here on Long Island there are many Christmas tree farms to visit to pick out the perfect pine for your pad. Now before you head out to the tree farm, you should educate yourself on how to pick out the best tree and how to take care of it afterwards.

Be sure to measure the space in your house where you plan to display the tree. That way when you get to the tree farm you’ll know which ones are too large for your home instead of finding out after you’ve already bought the tree. When you see a tree that you like shake it to see if a lot of needles fall off. If a lot fall off that’s a sign that this tree is not healthy and you should move on to another one. The base of the tree should be 6 inches long but plan on cutting off another inch so the tree can properly absorb water.

Never place your tree near a heat or fire source. Trees can become a fire safety hazard if they aren’t kept at least 3 feet away from the source. After your tree is all set up in the house set it in a bucket with water and be sure to check the water supply daily. Also try your best to keep your pets away from the tree. They may be curious about the new addition to the household but trees can be dangerous to them and some may be poisonous to pets.

  • Lewin Farm - 812 Sound Avenue, Wading River, NY 11792 - 631-929-4327
  • Zuhoski Farm - 11825 Oregon Road, Cutchogue, NY 11935 - 631-734-5036 or 631-872-326

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Photo by Aureliy Movila via Free Images